Miles for Migraine, or maybe rest for them

It’s been a crazy time for everyone. Lot’s of changes, new things to get used to, scares..too much to mention but you see on the news and social media every day. But, it does look like in person races are back to a good start. From what I have seen, they are keeping it safe and so far, they are a great success!

I know many have jumped straight to the half and full marathon distance. If you aren’t ready or just want to do a great 5K, I have one for you. This one holds a special place for me because it helps out people like me, Miles for Migraine. This is a nonprofit that holds races all over the U.S. and donates proceeds to hospitals, research, or whoever they can to help headaches and migraines funding.



The Miles for Migraine I am bringing to you is this one:

When: October 2, 2021 at 9 a.m. EDT

Where:  Wissahickon Valley Park, Valley Green Road, Philadelphia, PA

All funds raised will benefit the Jefferson Headache Center and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) to support local migraine research and fellowship training programs.

You can walk, run, or relax this race. And they have a virtual option if you aren’t comfortable with in person event yet.

The 2 mile race which you can walk or run is $25- until September 2.

The 5K you can also run or walk is $25- until September 2.

They also have the relax option which is  an onsite Relaxation activity! You can go to the event and still be a part of it even if you’d rather not run or walk. You can color, paint, meditate, practice yoga, work on a puzzle, cheer for the finishers, etc. This option is also $25- until September 2.

Then there is the virtual option. Select an activity that makes you happy and represents Intentional Movement or relaxation. Some examples include walking, biking, hiking, yoga, tai chi, skating, swimming, rollerblading or spinning. Be creative and be sure to take a selfie! This option is also $25- until September 2.

There is also a fundraising option where you can sign up to raise money only.

All who sign up will earn a medal and t-shirt, and let me tell you….the t-shirt is super comfortable. I wear it often. I have done two of their races and I LOVE it. Because I know the registration is going to a good cause. And also because they have a relaxation option. They understand that we get migraines and how difficult it is to run/walk with one. So I love their races!


And guess what?!?! For those of you who enjoy the swag and also love some awards…they have those too:

Biggest Fundraiser & Spirit Award

Top 3 Female 5K Finishers & Top 3 Male 5K Finishers

2 people who share a selfie/photo with us

2 people who upload their results via our online tool

I have won the virtual option, but winning that awesome looking award in person would be amazing!!!! I’d LOVE one! 

Please click HERE to get more details and sign up for the race. The prices will increase for registration. 

I did also create a donation page, donation goal of $444. I mean are you surprised?!? If you don’t want to run but want to help out, feel free to donate directly to my page: Gelcys runs for migraines 


I would love to see you wearing the migraine purple shirts and bibs provided but if you can’t at lease spread the word! Headaches and migraines don’t get the awareness they need. I am sure you have gotten one or know someone who has gotten a headache or migraine. If you don’t know someone then at least run in my honor. I keep posting about my journey on Instagram (not so much FB) They are debilitating and excruciating pain. Help us find a cure, or at least more relief. Sign up or just click THIS LINK it will take you there.








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