Be a colorful hero!

It’s that time again runners! Where the most FUNtastic, COLOR filled,  laughing good time race is back! The happiest 5K on the planet is making it’s round to Orlando and I am ready for it again. It will be my 5th time running it and I always run it with the family. It is my little man’s favorite race and we enjoy it so much!

It is a GREAT race to enjoy with the family, your best friends, or just to have some fun with co-workers. You can run it, walk it, crawl it! Either way, you are in for some colorful fun!

The happiest 5K on the planet!

Every year it’s a new theme. And I am just in LOVE with this years tour theme. It is The Color Run, HERO TOUR! This year’s tour is different because it has two brand-new SUPER Zones, and a limited edition participant kit. There are several participation kits you can choose from which are all epic and ALL include the most heroic SUPERHERO UNICORN! I mean honestly….who doesn’t want a unicorn with a superhero cape?!?!

The Color Run instagram

The tour arrives in Orlando on April 14 at Osceola Heritage Park. They have done it there before and it is a large open space. Last year they added a new color..PURPLE my favorite! Foam, bubbles, a wall to write your dreams, and a running unicorn! It was a BLAST! You DO NOT want to miss out on running The Color Run at least once because you’ll want to make it an annual thing and bring people with you and join in on the fun.


Make sure to check on their site HERE for the tour dates and see when they’ll hit your city. This is the BIGGEST party that includes a 5K with it. There are tents with samples, they are constantly doing giveaways at the main stage, because there is a DJ. Yes, it is a huge dance party when you finish the race. Color bombs every few minutes, and the throw swags into the crowds every so often. So if you love color and free stuff too, sign up! It is very entertaining and you won’t regret it!








2 responses to “Be a colorful hero!”

  1. Club of “Runners” Avatar

    I’ve been eying the Color Run for a couple years now. It looks sooo fun!! Maybe this will be the year for me. 😁

    1. Runner Unleashed Avatar
      Runner Unleashed

      You totally should do it!!!! It’s so much fun!!!!

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