Lady Track Shack

Tomorrow will be my first race of 2017. I am pretty excited for it! It will be my first time running it. It is a women’s only 5K. It is the Florida Hospital Lady Track Shack 5K. It is to help raise money for local women who don’t have the resources to get annual mammograms or other diagnostic screenings.

I am so glad that this race, as well as many of their other races are walker friendly. Because I’ve been battling a lot of pain lately. I have a lot of KT Tape on already, (which is a norm for me) but I am going to need more than usual for a 5K. But it is OK. I am still going to try and give it my all as I do with every race, every run. KT Tape REALLY does work for me and brings my pains to a tolerable level where I can function. My running pains actually completely go away, immediately after I apply the applications.

I am also going to try the Pro X  patches which I haven’t tried yet because I mainly stick to the strips…see what I did there 😉 haha…no?..not funny OK.

What will not help my situation, is the temps tomorrow!!! They will be in the mid 40s, which I should be used to because I’ve done plenty of races worse than that but not with how I’m feeling.

I guess I have to fly through the course to warm up!

I am pretty excited to run the race because we do get a pretty sweet looking medal and an amazing plant which has some great symbolism behind it. As it grows big and strong, it is a reminder of being part of a gathering of  strong women. Just like nourishment for the plant, together we grow stronger, healthier and in better condition. I will also be running this race with my friend Janine who is coming from out of town which gives life a good reminder of what happens when strong women stick together and support each other.

I am also happy to know that Cabot Creamery  is the sponsor and I LOVE cheese! Migraine trigger I know, but I found a way around it 😉 So my motivation to get through the pain and the cold is knowing that at the end, I can visit the Cabot tent and get some cheese! yum!

Make sure you are following me on instagram and twitter as I will upload pictures and maybe a video or two. And of course on Facebook for details and pics and videos.




4 thoughts on “Lady Track Shack

    1. You can click on the link and buy it directly off their site, or you can find it at Target, CVS, and Walmart.

      1. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Reduces inflammation and pain. It takes the pain away immediately and the swelling too. It stays on for days and I’ve been using it for years with no problems.

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