#beOpen to new surroundings

There are tons of headphones out there that we run with. Some are wireless, and some aren’t. Some get tangled up in your pocket and it takes forever and a day to untangle them when all you want to do is lace up and run right?

Well I gave up those wired headphones YEARS ago! I’ve been using wireless headphones for years now that were super easy to run with. But being a sweat pink ambassador and thanks to the people behind Aftershokz, I had the opportunity to give their headphones a try.

Click here for more info

These headphones are probably the BEST invention EVER!!! These headphones keep you safe, yup they do! How? The earbuds don’t go in your ear! Sounds weird? I don’t think so, that is what got me intrigued into the headphones. They sit on the outside but the sound of your music, phone calls, E-books, whatever goes right into your ears without anyone else hearing it. While at the same time allowing you to hear the sounds around you.

Screenshot_20170711-143715Since I run alone, I get a little nervous at times and I run with one earbud out so I can hear what is going on around me. But with these Aftershokz it is a completely different story. You can run and feel safe while enjoy your music and be aware of your surroundings all at the same time.


They are also water-resistant which is very helpful to those who sweat a lot or for those who live in rainy areas like me. I live in Orlando where I can start off sunny and get caught in rainstorm. And these headphones will survive. It’s already happened LOL

They do make them in various colors and also come in 2 sizes, a standard size and a mini. I got the mini size and check out the website here towards the bottom it helps you find the right size for you. They hold a good charge of 6 hours and like I said, I love them. Since I’ve had them, I haven’t used my old ones. One thing I won’t miss is the sore ears and the lack of feeling safe. With my Aftershokz I don’t have to worry about that anymore.


Check them out if you are looking for some good quality headphones that you can use all the time and sweat and rain won’t stop them!









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