Speed training explained

There are a few differences between the speed workouts.  The tempo run, fartlek, and interval runs. TEMPO RUN- also known as a lactate-threshold, LT, is a faster pace run. Tempo running is important to having a successful race because it trains your body to sustain speed over distance.  While running, the cardiovascular system delivers oxygen to the muscles.So by doing tempo runs you are training your body … Continue reading Speed training explained

August Plank Challenge!!!

Planking for runners is VERY beneficial. Planking helps strengthen our core making us run more efficiently.  A strong core will protect your back, and promote good posture while running. It improves proper biomechanics and helps you to be a better athlete overall. There are many many different types of planks, but they all have the same purpose. A plank is an isometric exercise that works … Continue reading August Plank Challenge!!!

Strength training for runners

Doing some strength training as a runner can only turn you into a powerhouse machine. You become stronger, and more efficient as a runner, and gain resistance to injuries. Performing exercises that strengthens your core and upper body are just as important as strengthening your running muscles such as the glutes and hamstrings. With a lean but strong body, a runner can hold off muscle fatigue and maintain … Continue reading Strength training for runners

Running is a great way to lose weight

So Summer time is around the corner, that means sun, beaches, and bikinis for most of you! If you are trying to lose weight in time you can get a good workout by running! So you are trying to tighten that waistline? Think running is the answer?? Many people begin running because they want to lose weight. As one of the most powerful exercises out … Continue reading Running is a great way to lose weight