Running is a great way to lose weight

So Summer time is around the corner, that means sun, beaches, and bikinis for most of you! If you are trying to lose weight in time you can get a good workout by running!


So you are trying to tighten that waistline? Think running is the answer?? Many people begin running because they want to lose weight. As one of the most powerful exercises out there, running is a very efficient way to burn calories and drop pounds. A 150-pound person will burn approximately 100 calories per mile when running. Combined with a healthy diet, it can be really effective at helping you shed pounds, especially if you’re not usually one for physical activity.

The great thing about running is that it’s easy. You don’t need any special equipment, training or gadgets, and you can do it anywhere, any time. If you can put one foot in front of the other, then running is possible!!


EATING HEALTHY-  If you are running to shed the pounds, keep in mind that you’ll only shed pounds if you burn more calories than you consume. You need to find ways to either reduce your caloric intake or increase your calorie burn. Luckily, running can give you the calorie-burning boost that you need. The amount of calories you can burn from running depends on a few factors, but the biggest is your weight. You can calculate calories burned per mile of running by multiplying your weight (in pounds) by .63.  For example, I weigh 114lbs, so 114 x 0.63 = 71.82. So for each mile I will lose 71.82 calories. Runner’s World. There are several apps for your phone that tell you how many calories you’ve burned, speed, and distance.

One way to prevent “stealth calorie” consumption or mind less eating, is to write everything you’re eating in a journal for a few weeks. Seeing a record of your food intake will help you see where your diet needs improvement. It will also keep you on track because you’ll think twice before putting that chocolate-covered donut in your mouth. 😉

Your eating habits need to be at par with your running plan. Just because you’ve started running doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want, if you’re burning more calories but you’re also eating more, you’re not going to lose the pounds you’re hoping for. Besides, your body is the only machine you need for running, so keep it fueled with the RIGHT foods and you’ll reap the rewards the next time you step on the scale.


Running a mile is not something that everyone can do easily, and running enough miles to burn the calories to lose 1 pound may seem like a lot. But remember, in weight loss it takes time. Add up over a few weeks and months, you’ll notice some real differences. Combining running with a healthy diet with less saturated fat and fewer calories, you’ll notice results even faster. As you build muscle from running, your body will naturally burn more calories than it did before, because a body with more muscle burns more calories all the time, not just when you’re running.


After some time running the same distance at the same speed, your body adapts and actually becomes more efficient at using calories to do the work. You can change it up by increasing the intensity, speed and length of your run. Interval training (running at a very fast pace for short intervals of time) into your running routine can also help your weight loss efforts. Speed work burns a large amount of calories in a short period of time. You’ll also increase your muscle mass and improve your resting metabolism, causing you to burn more calories throughout the day.

The best weight loss running plans start slowly and increase in length and intensity over time. Starting slow is the best way to eases your body into the new routine, keeps you from getting tired quickly and helps stay motivated. Feeling burned out early on can be discouraging — and giving up because your workout feels too hard certainly doesn’t benefit your waistline.


Going for a run can be pretty simple: you just open your front door, set one foot in front of the other and go. But for some, running outside isn’t an option (especially those in very cold climates) and for others it’s more convenient to work out in a gym or at home. For these reasons, many people choose to do their running inside on a treadmill. Some treadmills can change the speed and incline for you, and some can show your heart rate and tell you the number of calories you’re burning. While they’re not required equipment, treadmills offer an alternative to hitting the pavement. Although I believe you get a better run out on the roads, or trails. I personally don’t run on a treadmill. I always head out, the only thing that stops me is lighting! Running in the rain is an amazing feeling, besides keeping you cool, the roads aren’t crowded =), running in the heat isn’t easy so I suggest running before the sun sets or rises. There are a lot of different clothing to wear for colder runs.


Make sure you consult your Doctor before any weight loss dieting or exercise. Eating the right things is essential (I’ll touch on the right foods later). If you do an interval training make sure you increase your distance by 10% to avoid any injuries.



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