Happy New Year

Here is hoping that you ALL have had a positive fulfilling 2014 and hoping that 2015 brings you good luck, happiness, and bigger goals! Keep your eye on the big goal, never lose sight of it. Make sure your 2015 resolutions are realistic. Keep them simple and easy to follow. Don’t try to go crazy making goals so difficult that you won’t be able to … Continue reading Happy New Year

A home remedy for muscle pain

Have any of you heard, or tried Epsom salt on your sore legs? Going along with my most recent post, here is another reason why magnesium is important for runners. What is Epsom salt?  Epsom salt is a popular treatment used for muscle soreness and other bodily aches and pains. According to the Epsom Salt Council, Epsom salt isn’t an old wives tale anymore. Numerous … Continue reading A home remedy for muscle pain

Why Magnesium is good for runners.

How many of you have magnesium daily? Did you know it is an important mineral all runners should have a healthy supply of? The mineral magnesium is critical to your heart, muscles and kidneys. It helps produce energy in your body and regulates levels of zinc, potassium, vitamin D among other nutrients. A deficiency of magnesium can bring on muscle soreness, headaches, and weakness. Many … Continue reading Why Magnesium is good for runners.

The icing answer to Shin Splints!!!!

As runners we push our bodies to the edge of their ability and then wait patiently for them to heal into a slightly stronger machine. In our training we push ourselves to go longer or faster  past the level of comfort. So, we deplete our fuel sources and can cause some stress on our muscles. Taking care of our bodies post run is important, if … Continue reading The icing answer to Shin Splints!!!!

August Plank Challenge!!!

Planking for runners is VERY beneficial. Planking helps strengthen our core making us run more efficiently.  A strong core will protect your back, and promote good posture while running. It improves proper biomechanics and helps you to be a better athlete overall. There are many many different types of planks, but they all have the same purpose. A plank is an isometric exercise that works … Continue reading August Plank Challenge!!!

Are you running with a stress fracture?

Stress fractures are tiny cracks in a bone. They are caused by the repetitive use of force, often by overdoing, such as repeatedly jumping or running long distances. Stress fractures can also come from normal use of a bone that’s been weakened by a condition such as osteoporosis.   Stress fractures are most common on bones that carry weight. Runners are more susceptible to stress … Continue reading Are you running with a stress fracture?