The icing answer to Shin Splints!!!!

As runners we push our bodies to the edge of their ability and then wait patiently for them to heal into a slightly stronger machine. In our training we push ourselves to go longer or faster  past the level of comfort. So, we deplete our fuel sources and can cause some stress on our muscles.

Taking care of our bodies post run is important, if not the most important thing a runner can do to perform better. By not taking enough time to recover after a long run will not only hinder our performance but can possible cause bigger more serious problems.

You all know I am BIG on recovery after running. I think as runners we need to give our bodies time to restore and recharge. Post run is when our bodies are in most need of care. HYDRATION is highly recommended. You need to keep those muscles moist and moving easily. STRETCHING is a must in my book!!! Doing dynamic or static stretches after a run can make a difference in how sore your legs will feel later on. EAT soon after a run! Your body is screaming for the nutrients and fuel it lost when you ran, restore them immediately!! Especially lots of protein, it helps with muscle recovery.


Another thing I love to do when I am done with a run, (after doing all of the above) is to ICE, ICE,ICE!!!! You all know that I LOVE  icing after running, boy does it feel great! Cryotherapy (cold therapy) constricts blood vessels and decreases metabolic activity, which reduces swelling and tissue breakdown. Icing helps reduce swelling and flush out bad metabolic debris from your muscles.

R.I.C.E is something I tell a lot of people when they are feeling sore or pain after a run. It is super important to give your body time to recover! rice


Rest your legs, stay off them, use Ice to reduce selling and ease the soreness and pain,Compress your legs with a sleeve or an ace wrap to engage better blood flow, and lastly Elevate your legs to help the blood flow freely through out your legs.

Using cold therapy has always been my go to solution to an injury or just good ‘ol soreness from a run. If you open my freezer there are tons of different sized, colored, texture ice packs. I have even made my own ice packs for different areas of my legs.

I own several different gel packs but they all harden up and frozen solid, which is great for when I put it on my back, but for shin splints….not so much!

Luckily I have FINALLY found the perfect ice pack for shin splints!!

It’s this amazing company called THERA°PEARL that makes these innovative pearl technology wraps!


Created by a doctor who knew she could offer her patients something better than a bag of frozen peas, THERA°PEARL was designed with you in mind. Whether chilled or heated, Pearl Technology conveniently holds its temperature for the doctor recommended time of 20 minutes and conforms to your body to deliver the perfect relief from your aches and pains.

Easily pliable when frozen, our Pearl Technology is cold enough to offer targeted ice therapy without sacrificing flexibility. Not stiff, jagged or uncomfortable, chilled THERA°PEARL packs stay smooth and soft on your skin as they conform to deliver soothing relief. ShinWrapNFLPA

When conveniently heated in a microwave, the Pearl Technology in your THERA°PEARL pack is the perfect solution to relax stiff muscles and encourage blood flow and healing. Delivering consistent heat therapy directly to your desired relief area without a mess, the reusable packs are combination therapy in one convenient product.

These pearl packs are awesome! I have used it on my shins for my usual shin splint prevention and it works beautifully! I love these  wraps, because they also all have straps!!! Made specifically for the certain areas of your body!! They have so many different wraps you need to check them out!


I have started using the shin wraps, and the back wrap and I am glad something FINALLY stays in place. I usually would wait until my ice packs would thaw enough to manipulate into the shape I needed to hug my shins and then use an ace wrap to keep them tight, but THERA°PEARL  has straps on it to keep it on!



My Scoliosis causes daily pain, and I usually alternate a heating pad and ice pack for the pain. I made my own strap onto the heating pad that doesn’t work =( So I am happy that the THERA°PEARL Back Wrap not only has straps, but I can stick it into the microwave as well. These Pearl wraps have been a very beneficial added bonus to my recovery. I 100% recommend, you all order one for yourselves!!! They have a Facebook page at : and twitter:


This has helped tremendously with my shin splints recovery! To all my shin splint victims: HEAD ON OVER TO THERA°PEARL AND PURCHASE YOUR SHIN WRAPS RIGHT NOW!!!!!! It will make a world of a difference!!


You will not regret it! =) Please stop by their Facebook and check out what celebrities and athletes also rely on THERA°PEARL

-cheetah g




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  1. Trails and Ultras Avatar
    Trails and Ultras

    Ah, ice baths. I have to admit there’s nothing better for recovery but at the end of a long day training I find it hard to work up the enthusiasm for them. I know I should have them. I must try harder!

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