Hello everyone and welcome to my world!!! My name is G (Gelcys) and I will be taking you all along with me on my adventures in running =)  I will touch a little bit of everything running related, from training, nutrition, and fun and good times! I am a mother to a very witty four year old grown man. and I have been happily tied…I mean married for 5 years!!! I LOVE to watch movies, I tend to quote them a lot. I love the outdoors, being active and having fun. I have a sarcastic sense of humor and can appreciate a good joke. I live in Orlando which is awesome because there is so many trails to run on…and o yea…..we have Disney World here too!!!! I have ran most of the RunDisney races which all have been an amazing experience! I recommend them =)

we are a family of runners
we are a family of runners

So the weather here has been perfect lately, around 60 degrees perfect for a good run! I’ve been trying to get out there as often as I can but it isn’t easy. I wait for Alpha (my husband) to get home so we can run together. We go about twice if possible three times a week and workout everyday in between. So since I run with bad Scoliosis I have a routine I do before each run to warm up my back and body for the run ahead. I don’t have a set amount of mileage I run on each outing I just try to hit at least 5 miles at a time. The place where I run is excellent! so much wildlife and such a sense of calmness…I like to call it my time out time because even though I run with Alpha we are both in our own world enjoying the scenery and sounds


so, anyway…its time to stretch, and get out there! see you on the roads! =)






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