It’s less than a month away!



This is almost starting to become unreal! I can’t believe my first full marathon is just weeks away! I am excited and nervous at the same time. I wish training had gone a little better for me, but at least I am on the right track. I have a few more chances to do some long distance training and I am hoping that will be what I need to succeed at this race.

That is the beauty of training so far from your race to give yourself enough time to train. Things get in the way of your training schedule like parties, illnesses, and injuries so training months in advance is beneficial. Luckily I have been training for months so being sick since Thanksgiving hasn’t really hurt my training. And of course add the half marathon I ran last week, was a big boost in my training!

“We are now in the 20s”, as my best friend Janine says. She is constantly reminding me of how many days I have left to run this marathon. I give her a hard time but it’s all in good fun. I am actually glad she reminds me; not like I would forget how many days I have left. Knowing she is so supportive and involved in my running makes me very appreciative of her. She is also reminding me everyday because she is coming to see me run!!! She doesn’t live close to me at all and is making to trip here to show her support! That makes me sooo happy to know she is coming!!! I can’t wait to see her along the course! She has no idea that she will be standing there for a long time waiting for me to run by and once I do, it will only be about 4 seconds that she sees me. But why is that so important? Seeing her face and knowing she is cheering for me and wishing me success with give me the energy boost and adrenaline to keep going. I can’t be more excited about that.



To make me more nervous than I am over the last few days runDisney has been sending out tons of new information. Click here to view all the race info 2014 Disney Marathon It just makes it more real and sending out race stuff makes it seem closer than it is. It feels like just yesterday I starting training and now its weeks away! aaaahh!! Aside from the full marathon Alpha and I will be running, we also signed up for the inaugural 10K.


This is a new race runDisney is adding to the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend series. I am excited to run this one! It goes through Epcot and the Boardwalk and ends in the parking lot of Epcot. Alpha and I are of course wearing costumes and we will be tweedle dee and tweedle dum. Those costumes are done.

Alice in Wonderland  tweedledum and tweedledee


For the full marathon we get to run through ALL of Walt Disney World theme parks!! I am a Disney junkie and this is going to give me a different side of Disney I’ve never seen, since the course will take us on a different path than the public usually sees everyday.


Alpha ran this course 2013 when he did the Goofy Challenge and a half, he says I would love it and I can’t wait to run it! That is the great thing about runDisney, they do an EXCELLENT job keeping great entertainment along the course. Characters you rarely see and Disney memorabilia you wouldn’t see anywhere else. This race we have the pleasure to run it with my High School best friend, Alex who has the same sense of humor and personality as Alpha so the three of us together is pretty much trouble. So what better way to dress up in costume for us other than the three caballeros???

The Three Caballeros




We all have received our bib numbers, and know what corral placement we are in. Yes we may be in one of the last few corrals but we are running to enjoy the race. As I do with any race my goal is to cross the finish line. I am not trying to PR or trying to beat a time, I run to enjoy it and that is what we have planned! Of course we will keep our pace well before the 16 minutes cut off but we will take pictures and soak in all aspects of the race. It will be Alex’s and my first full marathon so I hope Alpha Cheetah takes it easy on us 😉


Stay tuned for more on our journey to the Walt Disney World Marathon!!!!


-cheetah g


7 responses to “It’s less than a month away!”

  1. cheriarmour Avatar

    This time is really fun, but also super nervewracking. As it becomes more real, you’re might start to freak out a little bit and ask yourself “OMG why did I sign up for this?” It’s called taper madness, but not to worry, you will get through this fine, and I’m sure you’ll be ready to sign up for another one within weeks!

    1. runner unleashed Avatar
      runner unleashed

      I am excited Cheri!! Can’t wait. I’m sure at some point I will start to reevaluate my level of crazy during the race but I’m all in!

      1. cheriarmour Avatar

        I don’t think I’ve ever slept the night before a race for more than a few hours. I start to have stress dreams that I’ve overslept the race and I’m trying to make my way to the start line. Good luck, hope you don’t go as nuts as I do pre-race!

  2. gloucks7 Avatar

    Good luck with the rest of trainig for the WDW Marathon. I’m feeling pretty excited about running my first full marathon as well. My wife and I will also be running the 10K. Although I think the Disneyland 10K race course was more fun, I’m looking forward to running through EPCOT and the Boardwalk. I just wish they would have had us run through EPCOT AND Disney’s Hollywood Studios. That would have been so much mroe fun than running around the parking lot at EPCOT. Oh well, it will still be fun. Can’t wait to run through all 4 Disney theme parks at Walt Disney World. January 12th is going to be legendary! Keep up the good work. We’re almost there!

    1. runner unleashed Avatar
      runner unleashed

      How awesome!!! I’m excited about the two races and can’t wait to run through all 4 parks!!! It’s going to be amazing!! Good luck to you =)

  3. elihawkins6 Avatar

    Good luck on your race. I usually tell the first-time marathoners to look up more often than down and soak in the environment. Training can go well or go badly – focus in on your taper. I’ve found that with a good taper comes a good race. You’ll have so much fun! Also. Instant PB!

    Go, runner, go! 😀

    1. runner unleashed Avatar
      runner unleashed

      Thank You!!!! Since its a Disney race there is tons to soak in and exactly what I will do 😉

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