MOOooore Chocolate Milk!


I am very excited to say that Alpha and I are once again a part of the Florida Dairy Farmers Team Built It!! We ran with the team last year and was honored to do it. I am happy to join them again and excited to be running alongside the team leader who was exceptional! She truly was a great leader and cheerleader and can’t be more excited to run with her!

We will represent Florida Dairy Farmers in the local half marathon, The OUC Orlando Half Marathon by Track Shack!! I am pumped and ready for this race! Since I am training for the Goofy Challenge, I am well past the half marathon mark. And of course after my most EPIC half marathon at the Wine and Dine a few weeks ago, It’s safe to say, I think I got it 😉 It’s only 2 weeks away!

15b548d5a74329740f66deb6491e7401 Last year at this very race it was trouble for me. I was fighting the most horrific cold I’ve ever had, that turned out to be the flu. While I ran this race I had a 103 fever and severe congestion. It wasn’t my best performance but this year I have become stronger, faster, and have more endurance so I am hoping for a better race. We will run through some of the most beautiful areas of downtown Orlando, including Lake Eola. There is tons of spectators along the course cheering runners on and lots of live music along the streets. This is definitely a fun race to do if you are in the Orlando area.



How many of you drink chocolate milk as a post run recovery drink? Do you know the benefits of it? Chocolate milk might not be your first choice as a recovery drink, but it’s packed with nutrients we need to replenish.

Lowfat chocolate milk has:

– A natural source of high-quality protein to build lean muscle.

– The right carb-to-protein ratio scientifically shown to refuel and rebuild exhausted muscles.

– Electrolytes which include calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium to help replenish what’s lost.

– B Vitamins for energy and fluids to rehydrate.

Calcium, vitamin D, phosphorus, protein and potassium to build and maintain strong bones and help reduce the risk for stress fractures. (info from


Make sure you stop by the Florida Dairy Farmers tent and get your ice cold chocolate milk after running the OUC Half! Don’t miss out!!! Your body will thank you =)

I really do hope to see you there! Through a loud MOOooo my way if you see me!


-cheetah g


4 responses to “MOOooore Chocolate Milk!”

  1. rilla6969 Avatar

    Congrats! Looking forward to OUC as well as Marathon Weekend! Will see you there.

  2. Karen Avatar

    Hope you have a great run! Chocolate milk sounds like a great way to get what you need post run 🙂

    1. runner unleashed Avatar
      runner unleashed

      thank you! Its a delicious treat!

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