Believe you can

As I’ve always said…believe in yourself! Its probably the most important tool you can have to succeed!


There are plenty of times over the past year that I can remember thinking that if I could just put in a little more effort, a little more work, then I might see some results that would make it all worthwhile. I’m still fairly new to the sport – about 14 months past my first 1.8 mile, 25 minute run/walk. In that time I have run 28 races, from two miles to 26.2. I have been determined to reach a series of goals, many of which (I have recently been told) were unrealistic for someone of my age and experience level. In a couple of cases I have even managed to sideline myself by being overeager. I become frustrated when I am not showing improvement and upset with myself when I cannot reach a goal. It’s who I am.

Live it every day Live it every day

I am a 45-year-old average guy who happens…

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