GEL runs deep with these ASICS.


You all know how much I love ASICS, well they have released a pretty awesome shoe. It’s called the GEL-Quantum 360. It is made with, well, 360 degrees of gel. It is made to fit like a glove and to give you a bit more cushion and support. It has a full-length Trusstic System spring loads every step with energy for explosive momentum, and the sleek, Seamless Construction keeps the aesthetic clean while helping prevent potential friction – the ultimate symbiotic relationship between form and function.

Have you ever seen a jellyfish move in the water?? They have fluid motion with a spring like push that moves them forward. It’s a natural flowing movement in the water that keeps them moving along.


Well that is what these pair of ASICS do. They give you the support you need, and allows you to bounce off the gel within the shoes on every stride. This GEL cushioning technology is definitely felt on each step. The shoe has GEL from the front to the back. It will give you good quality performance, especially when you are out there kicking up the endurance and the speed.


I have used these shoes on my speed run days and that spring back from the GEL is just awesome! It certainly felt like my foot was springing forward quicker and easier. It also felt like the shoes were made specifically for my feet. The FluidFit technology makes it so the mesh stretches, thus adapting to your foot. My feet didn’t slide around and it wasn’t too tight. It made me feel comfortable.


The GEL technology is surely a must have if you enjoy some cushion. It feels like your shoes are bouncing off the top of jellyfish, my favorite sea animal! Just imagine that for a second….just how you think it might feel…it does.


Another thing I like about these series is that they come in a variety of colors! I just love what ASICS has been doing with their color schemes. Bold, bright, fun colors and a cool way to be a part of the GEL-y club! These shoes will definitely give you a great amount of forward motion. That is why I use them when I need extra support when I’m pushing it extra hard. The spring like gel moves me forward with a big amount of energy. Go try a pair on! you’ll immediately feel the difference and enjoy the comfort. For more info click here.


-the Scoliosis runner


One response to “GEL runs deep with these ASICS.”

  1. KelsieLou Avatar

    These are freaking dope! I’m going to try on the orange….I like the zebra…..and the black with neon. Yasssss!

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