Get Betta with Meta #MetaRun


I once heard in fairytail that the right pair of shoes can change your life, I totally believe it! I’ve had the opportunity to try out ASICS MetaRun shoes. Do you remember when I wrote about it when it came out? If you missed my blog post, feel free to read it here.

Just to recap, the MetaRun shoes were created by using the latest ASICS exclusive technologies providing you with the best and first ever running shoe with a responsive ride. It’s FlyteFoam and is seriously the lightest I’ve ever worn on shoes. The organic fibers bring the shoe’s bounce back into it’s original shape.

So light it doesn’t feel like you are wearing anything, I kid you not. But when your foot strikes the ground you certainly feel the supported cushion.


One thing these rose gold and black beauties feature is some carbon fiber details. Do you know about carbon fiber? Besides it looking amazing, it a protective, yet extremely light. The shoes have it on the bottom on both sides. It helps reduces hard forces on the foot while keeping the foot from rolling. It gives you the stability and support you need in a shoe.

And the heels are Oh so comfortable! I like having ankle stability and support. Even though I have no issues with my ankles, I like to feel supported and protected.


The bottom line, my thoughts on these pair of shoes is that they are amazing. You can certainly feel that they are not your average pair of running shoes. Everything it promises, is felt. Especially the responsiveness! Holy Moly! That is incredible. You felt it with every lift off the ground and every pound against it.

Now many of you have asked what my thoughts are with the MetaRun versus my Gel-Kayano…They are both 2 totally different shoes. While the support of the Gel-Kayano is like no other, there is plenty support in the MetaRun. One thing that I do like more about it, is that it weighs a heck of a lot less than the Kayanos but gives you the same cushion. That new technology is amazing.

I have been alternating both shoes. I have already done over 30 miles in the MetaRun, and when I switch over to the Gel-Kayanos, the only difference is the weight and the fact that you can feel the responsiveness of the shoes. The MetaRun compares to no other shoes because it’s on a totally different level. My Gel-Kayanos will still remain my magical shoes title.

ASICS used some new technology to make these shoes along with the ASICS Institute of Sport Science. By doing so they have created an amazingly perfected pair of shoes for long distance runners. There are no pictures that do this shoe justice. If you look at all the details and time put into the shoes, you’ll see why it stands out.


If you are planning on getting it, do it now because it is a VERY exclusive limited edition pair of shoes that will only be available through December 31. Whatever stores have, or whatever inventory ASICS has online is what will be left. So go snatch a pair before it’s too late.

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One response to “Get Betta with Meta #MetaRun”

  1. Sean Avatar

    How would these compare to the Gel-Nimbus 17s (and coming from the 14s) that I’ve been loving?

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