Run The Year 2016

As 2015 comes to a close, it’s time to think about your plans and goals for 2016. Why not have a New Year’s resolution that lasts all year long!?!?  I am a planner so I already have something BIG scheduled! I think you should join me in this:


I have decided to join Run The Edge‘s latest challenge of running 2,016 miles in 2016. They are challenging you to run, walk, crawl the miles all year long. Sounds like too much???? Make it a team effort! Get your friends, motivate and inspire each other. That is what I am going to do!

While my motto is go big or go home, I must be smart…this one time lol. Alpha, Janine, and myself are taking on the challenge together. Our team, RUNNING MAD, will be logging in miles daily and tallying them on the website. It is the easiest thing to do. We can each log on, click on our team and select the day and add our mileage. It will give us a total for the whole team!

Run The Year 2016

One of the coolest things, if not THE coolest is that they have an online expo!!! Have you ever heard of that??? By signing up for the challenge, you will get full access to the expo! You will have year round access to nutrition, motivation, training, prizes and much more. It’s really cool, check out this sneak peak:

If you decide to do the challenge as a team, each registered person will receive the tech tee and medal. You will be able to celebrate each big milestone and be able to share it with your friends!

While 2,016 might seem crazy, (to non-runners mostly LOL) Deciding to take on the challenge is INCREDIBLE. By doing so you are already believing in yourself, and determined to reach this goal. So by saying “YES” you should pat yourself on the back and already be proud! And that is another great perk of registering, you’ll also have year round motivation. Yes, there is actually a “motivate me” button you can use. There will also be milestone bibs you’ll reach that you can share and brag about across social media.

So why don’t you join me and thousands from ALL over the world and tackle this challenge for 2016? Click HERE to register and get full details. There are just a few days left before it officially starts on January 1, 2016. Join us all today and you can join the closed FB group to get more support, chat, and share with others with the same goal as you!!! I am looking forward to seeing you all there! I can’t wait!

Run The Year 2016

Feel free to click through the website to get more info, see sneak peaks, and get your questions answered. Lots of information there!







4 responses to “Run The Year 2016”

  1. wanderwolf Avatar

    The Running Partner/Dynamic Duo etc. ideas are great. It’s a good way to get someone else motivated, without them having to commit to more than they are ready for.

  2. Julie Avatar

    I signed up for this. But the computer aspect is lacking. It’s VERY hard to track and navigate online. No mobile app. It’s frustrating and it’s not day one! Lol

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