The shoes for ANY distance

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How awesome would it be if you would run anywhere in the world?!? No worries, no wonders, just you, your running paradise and a pair of ASICS fuzeX shoes??? Yes ASICS is bringing you another way to enjoy your running and take it to the next level. I introduce you to the FuzeX shoes:


Introducing ASICS NEWEST midsole technology with fuzeGEL. It’s a merry fusion of GEL and foam for the most effective rearfoot shock absorption which transfers to the forefoot during your takeoff. This advance addition will give you a unique ride with full ground contact and INCREDIBLE responsiveness!!! And you all know how important the responsiveness to shoe is to me. The quicker a shoe is able to respond to your foot strikes, the better you run and your energy level don’t deplete as quickly. These shoes give you more fluid motion as you run, thus making you a more efficient runner.


The FuzeX are perfect for neutral, underpronators or anything in between. It truly is perfect for any distance because it has a perfect balance of cushion and lightness. It’s seamless construction lessens the chance for irritation and friction. The FuzeGEL technology adapts to comfort and lightness.


I’ve done some miles in these shoes and they are heaven! It’s the perfect balance of foam and GEL and super super light. You can the cushion you like and need and the lightness of a zero drop shoes! They fit comfortably and it’s a pair of shoes for any type of runner

Now that you have fallen in love with these beauties… about we talk about a CONTEST ASICS is doing!?!?! You can win a pair of FuzeX shoes at your participating ASICS retailer!

Where will fuzeX shoes take YOU?


Participate in the fuzeXplore photo contest by sharing where fuzeX™ will take you. Use instagram and twitter using the hashtag #fuzexplore to let ASICS know where it will take you!
And starting on February 1, you can enter to win the grand prize trip!
Here’s how:

  • Go to to find a participating store near you.
  • Head to a retail location and try on a pair of fuzeX™ shoes.
  • Share. Tell us where fuzeX™ shoes will take you:

         a. In the try-on area at the store, find the floor mat featuring the fuzeX™                                shoes arrows.

        b. Place your foot wearing the ASICS fuzeX™ shoes onto the floor mat

        c. Upload your photo or “shoefie” to Instagram or Twitter and complete the                           caption “fuzeX™ shoes will take me____” paired with the #fuzexplore hashtag. Don’t forget to use the hashtag!!!

Win: Be entered to win a pair fuzeX™ or the grand prize!!

Click here for more info

ASICS will be doing the giveaway away leading up to the shoes launch day in February 1. Make sure you are the using the #fuzexplore hashtag to have a chance to win a pair of shoes.

To have a chance to win the grand prize you must follow the steps above on February 1st.

GOOD LUCK and go enter! This will be fun! Can’t wait to see your pictures!!


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