An ASICS Valentine

Today is a day to express your love, appreciation, and admiration for your loved ones. I am one of those who believe that LOVE should be expressed every day. We don’t really need a day to force us to make time to express our love, right?

Well at least this way, we do get a chance to celebrate love in a BIG way! I am all about love, all day, every day. I make sure I show it, receive it, and return it. The world is in desperate need of more.


Today, Alpha gave me the most beautiful purple an white orchid with a Mickey and Minnie Mouse theme(it’s our thing). I had something special for him though. He had no idea, and I was more excited to give him my gift and see his reaction!

My husband is the hardest working most selfless, caring, supportive person in the world! He gives me everything I ask for and is ALWAYS there for me when I need him. He sometimes comes home from a 12 hour shift to cook, clean, care for our son, and care for me and has NEVER EVER complained.


Amazing doesn’t even beginning to describe him. He does everything for our son and myself. He barely does anything for himself. Since I can’t give him the world, with a little help, I was able to give him the next best thing….


With the generosity, and unbelievable support ASICS shows it’s athletes, I was able to give Alpha a HUGE surprise. Since he is a mild overpronator, and knew he would appreciate some cushion, I decided that the Gel-Kayano 22 and him would be a perfect match ❤ I have worn the Gel-Kayano for years now and I do swear by my “magical shoes” but I also know a lot about it. I had a feeling that these would be the right shoes for Alpha to run in!

So today, on love day, I surprised him with them! I went out as usual for my run. I did my 7.5 miles and then asked him to come meet me at the trails with the little(he was in on the surprise) While Alpha walked the “beast”, the little recorded me handing him his surprised and he LOVED it! Not to mention the ridiculously awesome color!


I am so happy I was able to do this for him! It was neat way to show my love and appreciation for his support. Not just in general but with running. As you all know running is very demanding and takes a lot of time. He is a marathoner too so he understands what it entails so while this might seem like a small token for everything he does, it’s actually pretty HUGE!


Just wanted to take a moment and thank ASICS for being such an unimaginable company to work with. You are what you only see in your dreams. THANK YOU ASICS for being there for every step of my way. The love and unconditional support you show is immeasurable and I can’t be more grateful and honored to be part of the team.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

-the Scoliosis runner

One thought on “An ASICS Valentine

  1. Ok, semi off topic: I love the featured picture for this post, but I realised that since I’m taller than my (runner) husband, we can never duplicate it. Bummer

    On topic: Great point of view!

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