Beat The Sun.

Beat the sun huh…..If you follow me on instagram, you’ve seen me say that more often than not. I tend to go out for my runs late in the afternoon and I’m always out there chasing the sun, trying to beat it home. But how ’bout this…imagine running through rough terrain, completely exhausting yourself, running through the most magnificent scenery, running with teammates, running from sunrise to sunset? Oh my gosh, I just got goosebumps. It sounds weird but that is EXACTLY what I strive to do. I would love nothing more than to do that one day. Still with me? Then watch this:

Incredible right!?!?! I’d die a happy woman if I would be able to take part in that one day, one can dream right, I’ve made my other dreams come true, why not chase this one? Well here is YOUR chase to do so. Why don’t you join in and BEAT THE SUN Challenge with thousands of others around the world???

You can apply to be 1 of the 24 runners and be paired up with a professional athlete to run Mont Blanc, or  you can run the race virtually. Set your own goal, and run your own Beat The Sun challenge.

Click here for more info

With the Beat The Sun challenge comes training plans, trail running tips, stretches, nutrition, and guidance from 3 coaches. One which is my coach and one who I know personally and has helped me A LOT. I CAN NOT be more thankful and grateful for coach Kastor. He knows my history and my health issues and he got me through my tough training for NYC. He is AMAZING! So being that he is a part of this and you get advice and tips from him and 2 other knowledgeable coaches, I wouldn’t miss out on the chance.

Beat The Sun Training coaches

On the website they post videos and tips on how to stretch, warm up, run, and eat. The training plans are released in 2 weeks segments so they are easy to follow. It’s a great way to get the best out of yourself in a smart and healthy way, while getting exclusive workouts and such from ASICS coaches. We all want to be the greatest version of ourselves right? we all like a challenge right? So why not do both? I have already signed up and already doing my best at being AT my best. Everything is already being given to you. All you have to do is lace up and show up.

Week 2 training plan

I hope you all take on this challenge and sign up to #BeatTheSun and make sure you use that hashtag. Because there will be monthly giveaways from ASICS to those who share photos and goals of your progress using #BeatTheSun.








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  1. […] I am going to do the virtual Beat The Sun challenge which I have been doing. You can read all about it on my previous blog post because it talks in details ALL about the challenge, chances to win GREAT stuff from ASICS, free training from tips from coaches, nutrition,…oh it’s too much just go check it out! Click here […]

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