The Dark Side is calling


It’s here! Star Wars Half marathon race week is officially here! I can not believe I am writing those words!!! I am HUGE movie person, if I am not running, then I am watching movies, and Star Wars is my FAVORITE movie series and now that it has turned into a runDisney race….. **mind blown**

I can’t believe the event starts in just 4 days from now. I remember back when it was just a myth, now it’s just days away! Even though I live minutes away, I pack my R2D2 bag and take it one of our favorite resorts inside Walt Disney World, The Hilton bonnet Creek.

American Tourister Star Wars R2D2

I LOVE staying at the Hilton Bonnet Creek. It’s perfectly located just minutes away, it has a relaxing pool with a lazy river that my little man just loves to float around, not to mention the slide he goes down a million times 😉 And the food is ridiculously delicious. Especially the desserts.

We spend a lot of time there and we are always happy to go back. It’s a perfect place to relax, have some family time, and indulge. Not to mention the special treatment you get for race weekends! You get your own party send off with runner’s favorite energy food and coffee. Music and cheerleaders, a shuttle to and from the race, your own runner’s welcome package, your own runner’s concierge. If you haven’t stayed here for a runDisney race yet, I suggest you do! They have special package deals and everything

Click here for more info

I am excited to be running the first ever, DARK SIDE CHALLENGE! I just had to, come on! I will be doing the challenge without Alpha, feels a little weird, but he will be with me for the half marathon. But another first is that we will be doing the 5K with our little! He is so excited for this. Seeing how pumped he is for this race makes me even more excited. We are all huge Star Wars fans so to say we are geeking out over this is a safe assumption.

The little will be BB-8 and Alpha and I will be part of the Imperial Army. BB-8 will be our prisoner, because he IS the droid we were looking for 😉 For the 10K I will be the one and only R2D2, my biggest obsession in the Star Wars franchise. I collect any and everything with an R2D2 on it so naturally I had to step away from the Dark Side for a minute to be the greatest droid ever made. And for the half marathon, while there will be hundreds, Alpha and I decided to be Han Solo and Princess Leia. If you all know us personally, you’d agree that we are pretty much a carbon copy of them. The sarcasm, the saving, the love, it’s all there.


If you will be here, don’t forget about the HUGE #WeRunSocial meet up we have planned for Saturday at Disney Springs at 1pm at the Marketplace carousel. It will be sponsored by @ProCompression and @SparkleAthletic and hosted by myself and @irisheyes1982, and @pastrychef_dani. So if you like the infamous #teamsparkle and those #TheGibblers compressions join us! We’ll have prizes, fun, laughs, and lots of fun!



Well, I am off to rest. I tried to do some miles yesterday and had a little blackout episode. I am sure some of you saw my post on FB. I don’t know what happened, but they happen often where I start to black out. I am on medication to prevent them from happening and I haven’t had one in a while bu luckily I was running on the treadmill at home when it happened. So I was able to immediately jump off at the first sign. I stopped when I lost my vision and did what I always do until it passes. Feeling a bit better today but surely taking it easy.

See you on the Dark Side!





4 responses to “The Dark Side is calling”

  1. wanderwolf Avatar

    What a cool race. Super jealous, and hope you all have a great time!

    1. Runner Unleashed Avatar
      Runner Unleashed

      Thank you!

  2. Jillian Avatar

    This sounds like so much fun!!! I am glad the little is going with you, he will love it!

  3. Jess@Run Pink! Avatar

    Wow! Super cool. I love movies myself including Star Wars! The blacking out thing concerns me…hope you’re okay!!

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