United we stand, together we RUN

Little man and I joined hundreds of others from our community in an effort to raise money and honor those affected by the tragedy that happened at Pulse night club. We usually go for their Wednesday night fun runs which is usually a small crowd, but this was a massive crowd close to 1,000 runners, walkers, supporters showing and spreading LOVE.


The amount of support and unity that was there was immeasurable. We all came together from all over and ran as one solidified unit. We ran as #ORLANDOSTRONG because that is what we are. Nothing will break us, nothing will tear us down. It will just bring us closer and accept us more as one. Orlando is LOVE and it was shown in true colors.

Chris Hughes, Commissioner Patty Sheehan, Betsy Hughes, Commissioner Robert Stuart

Lives were taken too soon, people were wounded and everything changed forever. Orlando has suffered a tragic loss. But from it we will carry those victims and lives lost in our hearts. I know they saw us from above and looked down at us and smiled. The people who survived were able to see a huge sea of #OrlandoStrong purple shirts running down the streets in the Mills 50 district. We wanted to help and honor and that we did. Orlando is a strong and brave city and we cannot be broken.

Love conquers hate and it was proven.

Hundreds raise money for the Orlando shooting victims video.(See what we did and the impact it had on the community.)

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