#AccelerateHope with ASICS

ASICS is always up to wonderful and amazing things. This time they have teamed up with 3 non-profit organizations and are committed to raise awareness and donations to their charities.

I’m going to tell you why ASICS has joined forces with Cookies For Kids’ Cancer. Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, a national 501(c)3 non-profit, is committed to raising funds for research to develop new, improved treatments for pediatric cancer, the #1 disease killer of children in the U.S. We provide inspiration and support for individuals, businesses and organizations to raise funds by hosting grassroots bake sales and other fundraising events.

Click here to fight with ASICS

I think that one of the most painful and heart breaking think to see is a child suffering and not being able to do much about. It’s just sad that the number one cause of death in children is cancer. Because cancer is such a vicious, violent disease and so little funding is going towards. The ones who suffer here are the children and it just tear at my heart. So I am so glad that ASICS has teamed up with cookies for kids’ to donate $10 for each pair of shoes purchased to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, with a guaranteed minimum donation of $100,000, up to $150,000.


I think it’s time we RUN together and accelerate hope around the world don’t you think? Hope is a word that hold a lot of meaning anyone battling through pain, suffering, or any kind of hardship. But it I can imagine it what it means to those kids fighting EVERY SINGLE DAY……so we why don’t we show them some support and band together?

While I have no clue the amount of suffering and pain they go through, I do go through my own chronic pains daily. There are times where running is rough. Heck, just getting out of bed for me is a major task. But when I am out running, struggling, I think of those who wish could go outside and take a deep breath of fresh air but can’t. Those kids who are limited to their beds or the hospital floor they are at, and when they look at you, they will give you the biggest smile you have ever seen because their strength is immeasurable. I do it for them. So I want to accelerate some hope for those kids fighting cancer. We need to help research, doctors, hospitals, everyone and kick some cancer butt.

I am wishing that by me spreading some awareness on what ASICS is up to, others will join in too. Again, ASICS will donate $10 for each pair of shoes purchased to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, with a guaranteed minimum donation of $100,000, up to $150,000. Less than 4% of the National Cancer Institute’s budget goes to all childhood cancers combined. There is one thing that can truly change the facts of childhood cancers forever — FUNDING for research to find new, improved therapies.(found on Cookies for Kid’s site)

Since I have not been well lately because my brain disease has been kicking my butt lately, my little has been running in the ASICS Accelerate Hope Cancer Awareness Edition to create some awareness. In his words “I want to help kids who have pain and suffer from cancer, I hope that ASICS can help millions of kids and make them happy.”




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