Have you all hard of Sparkle Athletic? Yes, No, Maybe…well they are a wonderful group of ladies(yes I’ve met them all IRL) who make a kaleidoscopic of colors to run in. They have a wide selections of skirts, vizors, arm sleeves and more.


They are VERY popular with runDisney races. Great for creating costumes, or just for adding some sparkle or color fun to your racing fun. I wear them because I like to add some color. I LOVE color and the skirts are very comfortable. If you want to or need some ideas, check them out, they have lots to choose from because they a lot.

I’m writing about them because I wear their clothing a lot and they got so inspired about my journey that they decided to feature me on their page. They know that I have been struggling but I continue to keep going and want others to be inspired and sparkle on!


Click here to read it

Take a few minutes and read it. Especially if you are in need of a little motivation or are in a running slump. Running is tough, without a doubt. But you can’t let it break you down. It has taught me to be stronger and tougher, even on the days I feel I am at my weakest and my lowest. Thank you Team Sparkle for the feature and for always “having my back”



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