Moooove over! Here come the Florida Dairy Farmers!

It’s that time again. December. No not Christmas….The OUC Half marathon. It’s probably one of the coolest half marathons in Orlando because you run the streets of Orlando and it ends around Lake Eola. As you know, I do enjoy my scenery, and this race have plenty of it, just mind the brick roads 😉 From the expensive houses to the endless lakes, and the beauty of downtown Orlando, you just see parts of the city beautiful that you make grateful you live here, or come to visit.


I am lucky enough, that for 4th year in a row and for my 10th half marathon, I will be representing Florida Dairy Farmers. This means a lot to me because with everything I have been through lately I am glad to see that the some of the hardest workers in Florida believe in me enough that they stand behind me and want me to represent them for another year for one of the biggest races in Orlando, FL.

They have hundreds of families working day in and day out to care for everything on their farms. They work hard to bring it straight to your tables to bring you good health and smiles to you and your families.

They have also have examples on proper dairy for organic, lactose free, and dairy alternatives. They have a pretty amazing site that explains everything, here. And while you’re there, do yourself a favor and check the recipe tab….you’re welcome. Give them a follow on Facebook too because they post news and recipes too that you won’t want to miss.

I am pretty exciting to be taking part in the 40th anniversary of Track Shack‘s OUC half marathon. And I am even more thrilled to be running for the cows and mooing my way to the finish line as my husband and I will represent Florida Dairy Farmers and the whole team!


-the Scoliosis runner






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