I can’t tell you how much I LOVE Pyrkia. Since I found these months ago I haven’t worn anything else! I’m obsessed! I may or may not have a slight obsession with bracelets. You may have noticed if you follow me on instagram. Especially those that have written mantras or positive saying positive sayings on. But what makes THESE special is that they are silicone and they are waterproof! So swim, shower, and sweat all you want and they won’t get ruined! There are sooo many fun colors to choose from and a few glow in the dark too.

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I don’t know about you but I prefer to run with my wedding ring on, problem is I can’t. My hands tend to swell up and then my ring becomes uncomfortable. Am I the only one that happens to? I just end up not wearing any jewelry on my run. But Pyrkia took care of that problem too! The owner, Karen created some beautiful silicone rings which making it pretty easy to run and break a sweat without jewelry being an issue. I can now run without my hands swelling up and having my wedding ring cutting off my circulation!

Besides her creative color designs, because I do love color, it’s the comfort of the rings that I love most. The rings aren’t bulky like others, they are flat and you forget you are wearing them. I’ve recommended them to many other runners and that is the first thing they tell me, is that they like the comfort and how non bulky it is. They are my favorite thing to wear and you will always see me wearing one of my many Pyrkia rings.

Click HERE to see more rings.

Its unique, extra soft, silicone rings and triple-wrap, magnet-clasp bracelets designed for all activities. Pyrkia jewelry is so comfortable and waterproof, so go ahead and sleep, sweat, shower, swim.

loving on the colors!!!

The one above along the black and white striped ring are from the newer collections and I head over heels for the black and white ring! The best part, my husband and I both have matching rings which makes it perfect! These have to be my favorites ones she’s made so I had to share it with you all!


I just wanted to share these rings and bracelets with you all! The little growing company was too good a secret to keep to myself.









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