Where my ladies at??!! It’s time to lace up!

I am really excited to run my next race! I have never run it yet in all the years I have been living in Orlando and this year the race is celebrating its 40th year!!

Lady Track Shack 5K

The Florida Hospital Lady Track Shack is a one-of-a-kind women’s only event. For 40 years, community leaders, mothers and daughters, sisters and friends have been taking part in this event to celebrate women’s health and fitness.

With YOUR help and Track Shack, this race is held to create awareness and funds to help women fight breast cancer. The beneficiary of the race is Florida Hospital Breast Cancer Care Fund was created to help save the lives of women who cannot afford clinical breast cancer exams and annual mammograms-the most effective tool in the fight against breast cancer.

I am so glad that by running this race, I will be helping to fund a mammo to a woman in need. This is a women’s only race, but anyone can participate in the virtual race. The medal is a beautiful lotus flower that glimmers. And participants will get that super comfortable raw threads long-sleeved shirt along with a finisher’s plant.

It is unfortunate that breast cancer has affected so many, so why not honor those woman by running this race? It is a great way to show your support and I am sure they will appreciate it. ❤ Don’t forget that you’ll also be helping other women as well. Let’s join together as us strong women do, and run for a cause while having a good time and support each other! Together we stand and fight. And we run to show how the strong and couragious get through obstacles.



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