Dream in COLOR.


[kuhl-er] noun. The property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way the object reflects or emits light.

The world can sometimes be a dull dark place, but by adding some color to it, it can me the most beautiful magical place on the planet. And if you notice, the world always stops for a moment to appreciate the beauty of a rainbow. For which a rainbow is created by rain and clouds. So don’t be afraid to let a little color in your life and let it shine bright!

I am always encouraging you all to chase your dreams, to never to give up and keep going. How about adding some color to your dreams? Ever think about that? I think that dreaming in color makes your dreams a bit more fun and a lot more memorable!

 For 2017, The Color Run is doing an INCREDIBLE race. It’s called, the color run Dream World tour and if you haven’t heard of The Color Run, it’s a 5K  where you can walk, run, stroll, through a series of magical colors with family, friends, BFFs…and this year…UNICORNS! YES this year they will have a giant unicorn! I mean, you can’ get more magical than that!
I have done this race a few times before and it is sooooo much fun, I promise you. One thing I am looking forward to for the Dream World Tour is that they added PURPLE as a color!!!! Purple is my favorite color so when I dream in color, purple is often up there.
Shine Tour 2015

One, if not the reason that makes this THE COLOR RUN DREAM TOUR is that you will get the feeling like you are running through clouds. How? Because they have also added a brand new foam zone! I mean, come on? Can this race get any better? You get to run through a ton of color zones, a dream foam zone, see unicorns, dance to GREAT music, have a permanent smile on your face and end at one of the biggest parties on the planet. What more do you want? More? Great! Because there is one more MAGICAL thing…..THE MEDAL!

Yes, the happiest 5K on the planet has a medal. But not just any medal, a majestic UNICORN MEDAL!!

Dream World Tour
With that said, GUESS WHAT?!?!? For my fellow Orlando peeps, or those coming to visit, I have a discount code for you to use as a gift for being so amazing and I just gotta share the love with you all! I can’t keep this to myself. I want to see you ALL there running with me! The magic and dreams will arrive in Orlando on March 25, 2017. And you can use: RUNNERUNLEASHED at check out to receive $5 off your total purchase.
So WHO am I going to see there???
Click here to register for Orlando event.



3 responses to “Dream in COLOR.”

  1. runningfastliftingheavy Avatar

    I did a colour run with my school, and the only issue that I had with it, was that the paint-powder ALWAYS went up my nose. Other than that, it was loads of fun.

    1. Runner Unleashed Avatar
      Runner Unleashed

      Sometimes people wear a bandana around their mouth and nose to avoid that. Otherwise you’d have some colorful snot. Lol

      1. runningfastliftingheavy Avatar

        It was purple for a few days haha

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