The Color Run DREAM

The weekend passed,  and I did the The Color Run with my little man. Fun doesn’t even begin to describe it…amazing…maybe..but magical is more like it!


Literally from the moment you are at the start line, it’s a party! The DJ is working the crowd and everyone is pumped and ready to go and have some fun! This race was EXTRA dreamy because it had a RUNincorn! Yes, there was a running unicorn cheering us on and the race was pretty much all about the unicorn and dreams!

But let me tell you, that runicorn was incredibly energized! He made you want to get out there and dance and run at the same time! Once we took off, little man said he didn’t want to run at his “easy” pace, he wanted to run at his faster pace. Since we do go out on runs together, we have a few different codes for the type of runs we do, depending on how he feels. On this Saturday, he was ready and he wanted to have some fun!

At every color zone everyone was having fun and dancing and screaming and ready to get blasted with some fun!


We made our way through the first mile and just beyond that we approached our favorite color of all PURPLE! We were exciting and little man takes off on me! I was just excited to see his happiness and  sooo glad that The Color Run finally added the best color EVER!!!!!

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We came around this HUGE cluster of clouds where everyone could write their dreams and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. It was full of dreams and it made me so happy! I love seeing people’s dreams and I read a lot of them and I hope people keep chasing them and never give up on them and actually make them come true!

We had the chance to “run through some clouds” which was pretty cool! I thought it was a very neat addition and gave it a very dreamy effect to The Color Run DREAM Tour.

We had the finish line in sight, but not before passing through one more color zone, we enjoyed the last color, and looked like we had danced on the rainbow with a unicorn. We earned our gold unicorn medals once we finished!


Then there was a HUGE post race party by the stage where there was color bombs every few minutes, giveaways, and the runicorn dancing. The music was awesome and the staff was amazing! The sponsors there was wonderful and gave stuff away too! If you are thinking about doing The Color Run this year, I TOTALLY recommend you do it!!! If not for the unicorn medal, then at least for a good, memorable time with your friends and family!



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