The Dark Side awaits…

It’s officially race week! I can’t tell how excited I am! I am always excited for a race but runDisney races always hold a special place in my heart. First because I love Walt Disney World, and second that is where I did my first half and full marathon. And that is where I did the goofy challenge, 39.3 miles.

But this week…cue the Star Wars anthem…is STAR WARS HALF MARATHON WEEKEND!!!

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If you follow me on social media, mainly instagram you’ll see that I’m a tad bit obsessed with everything Star Wars. This weekend, the Galactic Empire is taking over Disney. While they still have the kids race and 5K which last year, I did the 5 with my son and husband. This year I am doing the Dark Side Challenge for a second time.

The Dark Side Challenge consist of running the 10K and the Half marathon back to back earning 3 medals total. runDisney made a few adjustments to the courses which I am thrilled to tackle!


It’s hard not to have fun at a Disney race, especially at a Star Wars race! The new course looks great and I am really excited for it. I have been training my butt off for it and I am ready! I will be at the expo on Thursday for packet pick up and check out the cool booths that always show up. And of course, always say hi to my favorites Sparkle Athletic, and KT Tape.

I continue to go through a lot with my health but I also continue to get stronger. Today I saw my neurologist and I didn’t get great news about my brain but I will continue moving forward, because well….I have too. Sometimes life throws us curves balls we weren’t prepared to catch, but we still manage to try. And if you all know me, I am a fighter. My mom always said I was the most stubborn and strongest person she knew. She never understood how I could go through what I go through and still manage to get back up and smile.

I do it because that is the life I was given because I am strong enough to handle it. They all aren’t good days and sometimes I need a push here and there but I ALWAYS get back up and I never lose my motivation and drive. Life is too short to spent it in bed so I do my best to get up and get out and live it. Even if all I do is make it to the couch, because sometimes that is my greatest accomplishment for the week.

Gina Carey

I am always up for a challenge, and I am ready to take on this Dark Side Challenge. The weather calls for hotter than usual for Orlando, but I’ve been training in it. I’ve been out there running right smack in the middle of the day for this reason, because I had a feeling it was going to be real hot. I just hope it doesn’t get to brutal out there. For those of you who aren’t used to it..PLEASE listen to the warning issued by runDisney. Dehydration is no joke. There will be medical tents and hydration stops about after each mile so stay hydrated!!!

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One thought on “The Dark Side awaits…

  1. Sorry to hear about the not-so-great news, but I’m glad you are keeping that positive attitude going as always!

    I love hearing about good runDisney experiences! I was supposed to run The Light Side this last January but was sidelined with a bad ankle sprain. We still vacationed in Cali, though, and the half ran right by our hotel window. The atmosphere was electric throughout the whole race! I loved it. I am now signed up for my first marathon next January at WDW.

    May the force be with you!! Have a great weekend.

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