Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon Weekend 2017 Episode I

Since The runDisney Star Wars Dark Side Half marathon weekend was beyond this galaxy, I am breaking it down into two parts, aka episodes(my Star Wars peeps will get it). I went to the expo on Thursday, the day it opened, just in case the things I wanted might sell out. Which honestly was just the 19.3 Dark Side Challenge magnet. And believe it or not, runDisney was WELL stocked with pretty much everything until the last day! =)

runDisney expo at the ESPN Wide World Of Sports

Once I had my race bib in hand, I walked around a bit and made a visit to some of my favorite brands that were out there giving out samples and some useful information. Met up with some friends and made my way home. Having my bib, and my 10K, and half marathon costumes ready, I was set for the Dark Side Challenge.

First race of the challenge was the 10K, it was on Saturday and I was ready. I am sure that by now you all know how obsessed I am with Star Wars. I had planned to just take it easy and enjoy the race and the characters that would be along the race.

Imperial Admiral officer at the start line

I met up with my friend Billy who was also running the challenge and we both planned to take it easy. We started together and crossed the finish line together. We kept a steady pace in between. But boy did we have fun along the way! We are both Star Wars nerds so any little thing was just getting us more excited and more pumped. We were like little kids and we pretty much stopped at every photo-op.

As we made our way into Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we were greeted with a slew of Bounty hunters, Imperial officers, Jawas, Tusken raiders, all the kind of stormtroopers you can think of. It literally brought us to a halt.



Once we took a few pics, we went on our way and we weren’t that far from the finish. About 2.5 actually. We went through Hollywood Studios, then entered Disney’s Boardwalk, which if you haven’t been there to walk around, eat, or just hang out, do so because it’s nice. We made our way into Epcot.

As we made our last turn to make it mile 6, there was ANOTHER set of characters and of course, it was a must stop and take more photos. I mean, how often are you running a race and do you get the chance to run by some stormtroopers yelling at you at you? Or see another lower ranking Imperial officer salute you? I had to stop.




runDisney did change the race course this year compared to last year. This was the 2nd annual Star Wars Dark Side Half marathon and I think it went a lot better than last year. I did like the course and enjoyed the stops along the way. The company was great and definitely missed running with Alpha this year, but trust me, he did cheer me on 😉

PhotoPass_Visiting_WDWRUNDISNEY_8014417975 (1)

The 10K ending up going through 2 Walt Disney world theme parks and it wasn’t very crowded. Lots of fun as all their races are and lots of memories for their 10K. I can’t wait to go back next year! And I must say, the medal…..not too shabby!



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