Living in Orlando has its perks. I am close to all the theme parks, get to see all the cool shows, swim and trek through all the natural rivers and trails. I take advantage of it all. But with the Walt Disney World Marathon almost a week away, I am also prepping for my traditional stay.

By that I mean, turning my race weekend, into a fun weekend with my little family! Even though we live in Orlando, we go and stay at the Bonnet Creek. It is an INCREDIBLY beautiful and amazing resort centrally located inside the Walt Disney World property. It is actually right next to Hollywood Studios.


There are tons of reasons why I stay at this resort versus others for ALL of my runDisney races. First off, they have a complimentary bus that will shuttle you to and from the race and you don’t have to worry about parking and where to go because they do block the streets for the course. They have many incredibly delicious carb loading pasta meals at many of their restaurants. They have a special runner’s concierge that will handle and answers all of your running and race day question needs.  They have a massive set up of snacks, water, coffee, warm oatmeal, bananas, it’s just something I’ve never seen a resorts do.

20160417_025903 (2)

Another great that the Hilton Bonnet Creek does is that they have their own group of cheerleaders! Yes that is right! Running a runDisney race means getting up at and being downstairs at the bus early, sometimes at 3 a.m. right?!? Well, guess who is already there with cheer signs and big smiles at hand???

20150111_025320 (2)
The Hilton Bonnet Creek Cheer Squad!!

To make it even better, Bonnet Creek has special marathon weekend rates just for you! This is valid for any of the runDisney races, just click HERE to get all the details. And there is so much to do at the resort itself too! I LOVE relaxing there. They have a huge pool with a lazy river that goes all around it, with a waterslide that my son just keep going down it. There is also a luxurious spa you can relax at while the kids are at the WA kids club! Or just enjoy drinks at the Beech by the poolside or rent one of the private cabanas.

I can just go on and on about this resort. I just love it so much. I’ve attend so many events there. From cupcake lovers weekend DUH! You all know my LOVE and obseesion with cupcakes 😉 to Summer Blast to spending our family staycations there. It’s just a great place to stay, trust me. Check it out and book it for your runDisney race. You’ll continue to do so, others have done so just like me!



20150109_162945 (2)

Hope to see boarding the bus and running the course!



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