We all know that the marathon is not an easy feat to conquer. It’s 26.2 miles or 42.165 kilometers. That’s a lot of steps! Now I think it’s the training that makes the marathon the toughest part. Because it’s months and months of running and having good and bad runs. Figuring out what’s the best midrun fuel. Working through a little thing called life….it’s gets tough. Once you sign up, it’s a done deal. It’s a commitment. 

The actual Marathon race is the victory lap. It’s your reward for all those months of sweat, pain and crying. It’s time to run and take your bow. Tomorrow I’m FINALLY setting to do just that! And the crazy part is that I’m super excited!!!

For my other marathons I’m a mix of nervousness and excitement, but this one is all excitement. I love challenges and this one took a lot out of me to get here. But I feel ready and prepared. It’s the 25th anniversary of the Walt Disney World runDisney marathon so I’m hoping for a good time along the course. 

I’m dressing up as one of my favorites, Mr Cheshire Cat! 

My bff made me the tank top and yes I know the weather has been close to freezing this week, but I’ll brave it. It’s supposed to be warmer and warm up towards the end so that’s when I’ll start getting feeling back in the toes. Lol I am relaxed and have never felt so ready for a marathon before. I know that my strength will get me there. 
I am concerned about my health because this is my first I’ll be running with the latest stuff I have going on like my seizures, headache attacks and blinding migraines that have ALWAYS happened running. During training it never failed but I will have my medication with me. The side my stroke affected is also a concern because it goes numb. But KT Tape has actually been helping with that. So again, I got this! 

It also helps that I’m staying at the Hilton Bonnet Creek which makes sleeping, relaxing and recovering much easier. Not to mention that they have brekfast and hot teat and coffee, and take you to and from the race. 😉

See you all on the other side of 26.2

“We’ re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”-Cheshire cat





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