The Princess, the warrior

You can’t control what happens right? You can’t control the good or the bad. But one thing is certain…..LIFE. It is a gift. Some people take advantage of it and enjoy it and live it as best as possible, and others just take it for granted.

My mom was an incredibly strong and fierce woman. She definitely lived life to the fullest. But when she passed away a day after Christmas 2 years ago. I have mentioned her before, and if you read about my runDisney Star Wars Half marathon recap you’ll see more. My mom was undeniably the most remarkable woman in my life. NO ONE cheered for me like her. She was by my side in the good and the bad. We communicated through monarch butterflies, she knew I was in pain when one would fly by her so she would call me.

During her last month on earth, I was with her every day, and we watched A LOT of Star Wars. She enjoyed it, and obviously you know I do. She knew Princess Leia is my favorite. Then she just got worse and into a coma and slept forever in peace. While it hurts me every day that she isn’t with us anymore, I know she isn’t suffering. And more hurt came to me when hours later Carrie Fisher also passes away after my mom. But in some way maybe my mom went to look for her and tell her how much I liked her and how much my brother and I are big Star Wars nerds and we can sit and talk Star Wars all day.

One thing’s for sure, they both are two bad ass fighters. I know they both fought to the last-minute. That of which gives me strength when I struggle and fall. My days are tough and my days are long at times, but by thinking of my mom or Princess Leia it has helped give me an extra boost of strength and determination that I need.


By honoring my mom with Princess Leia, she will now be with me where I go. I will continue to do my best to make her proud and fight for my health in ways that no one else would know.

Gracias mammy por ensenarme como ser fuerte. ❤ tqm






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