I was a TROOPER.

Well, how do I begin this recap…where do I begin this recap??? I had a seizure 4 days before I was set to run a half marathon. My favorite half marathon because it’s Star Wars. Although this seizure wasn’t world shattering, it did rock my world. I didn’t completely recover from it. But I was going to run this race regardless because I felt strong enough to.

It was expo time! Some see it as chaos, but I go when it’s not madness, and I see friends and spend some time with GREAT people. I took Lyssa with me, it was her first runDisney expo and she did great! She did alert me to sit down and take a break. Which I needed anyhow because I was doing too much.


The weekend forecast was set for rain, thunderstorms, humidity, and just a mess. I wasn’t concerned or worried about running through that because it’s Florida. It changes all the time. But it was wreaking havoc on my body. My Scoliosis had flared up nasty along with my Fibromyalgia. And I am not even going to talk about how horrible my migraine was.

On race day my alarm went off at 2:30 am. I got up and felt like shit. I was dragging to say the least. I got ready, ate my Vega bar and prepped my Vega Clean energy to keep me hydrated through the race and I left my house. And boy could you feel that humidity in the air. Yuck! I parked at Epcot and we were shuttled to the Magic Kingdom parking lot. It has sprinkled a little bit but nothing serious. I felt horrible and just sat on the wet pavement and had not a care in the world. I just wanted a bed at that point, not really thinking or in the mood to run 13.1 miles. Which was sad because this race always pumps me up…its freaking STAR WARS?!?!?

I know to some it may just be another race, but anything Star Wars to me, makes me geek out. But here I was leaned up against the rails trying not to pass out or throw up. I felt like a dirty old sweater someone threw on the ground as people just stepped around me and passed me to get closer to the front of the corral. I did not care. But I had no choice. Our corral was up to start. It was go or no. And in my world, there isn’t a no.

We took off and I started off at my usual and kept it going. But at mile 4 I couldn’t handle the migraine anymore so I stopped to take my meds which I always carry with me.

A photo captured a mixture of pain and happiness

I pressed on and kept going. It hadn’t rained yet but the humidity was 200%. I normally don’t sweat much when I run, but I was sweating! We had just made our way through Animal Kingdom, and yes Pandora included. And so grateful to see the 501st Legion!

I continued running out of the park and onto the streets towards Hollywood Studios, my favorite park! At this point I was starting to feel better for many reasons. Alpha had sent me several supportive text messages(he knew how sick I was feeling). And he had a surprise waiting for me at the finish line! And I was wearing my custom-made momentum wrap with the Army Airbone saying on it to help me keep going. Alpha has given me some Airborne training routines and mottos which have helped a lot! And my BRF Sarah was also sending me supportive texts and she also knew what was going on with me. So having a cheer section is ALWAYS needed and appreciated.

I knew once I was in Hollywood Studios, I was fine. I felt a sense of relief if that makes any sense? My pace picked back up the sun was rising and I was feeling a little better. My nausea was gone and I wasn’t light headed or dizzy anymore. And I also saw more 501st Legion-ers! Whenever I see them, it makes my days so much better!

After taking some pictures with everyone, I continued the course and headed towards the Boardwalk. After the Boardwalk came Epcot!


Once I got into Epcot Alpha and Sarah both told me to stay to my left side once I got towards the finish line chute because they are near it. So either I had to hear for my name or scour the crowds to find them. Alpha wanted to know when I was passing the big Epcot ball so he was ready with the camera. I told him and made one last turn and then I saw the most incredible thing ever! I literally squealed out loud! The entire Dark Side was just standing there right after mile 13! What a sight! No way I was missing a chance to that photo!


As I made my way to the finish, I saw my girl Nicole, then I saw Sarah who was two people away from Alpha! The most hilarious thing ever because they didn’t know it. As they had tried to find each other. But I had finished up right and didn’t reach the goal I wanted but at the end of the day, my goal was just to survive the race and cross the finish line which I did, and added bonus, I had fun along the way. The force was definitely strong with me from beginning to end.


I was dressed as a first order lead officer of Captain Phasma. And just like my Raw Threads Tank says, I definintely felt like I was a trooper throughout the entire race considered what I went through. I didn’t write it all here otherwise it would be a novel, but I went through hell. My smiling photos. My moderate pace, my happy go get ’em attitude made it look like I was fine, but inside I was not. I was in so much pain and struggling more than anyone will ever know. I hate that I have so many chronic illnesses and invisible illnesses. It’s hard to deal with every day and even harder when you have goals and dreams you are chasing after. But I won’t stop and will continue to pursue them. So my TROOPER shirt had more than one meaning, and my husband knew the hell I go through and how much harder it has gotten lately so he got me a surprise once I crossed the finish line and I couldn’t be more appreciative for his support and unconditional love. He lets me know I will not fight this war alone and that I will ALWAYS come out on top no matter how bad my days are and he will never stop believing in me and my strengths and will always remind me of them.

20180422_130217 (1)
My husband’s surprise once I crossed the finish line. He knows I am strong enough to finish whatever I start. That includes life itself.



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