The World’s GRUMPIEST 5K

Run with Character has added a new addition to their virtual running series and I am uber excited about this one. She is one of my favorite characters and probably one of my spirit animals too LOL. It’s GRUMPY CAT!!!!! YAY! I was so excited when I saw her as the latest face of the virtual race on Run With Character‘s site.

There are 3 different race options and fun ones too. Each one has different swag but same distance:

The Grumpy cat’s chow box includes

Grumpy cat’s chow box
1.- Downloadable Bib
2.- Official World’s Grumpiest 5k Themed Medal
3.- Official World’s Grumpiest 5k Logo Sticker
4.- Official Grumpy Cat® Enamel Pin
5.- Congratulations card from Grumpy Cat®, signed with her Paw Print.
6.- Themed Cat Chow box
7.- Official World’s Grumpiest 5k Logo Coaster
I think this package would be the PERFECT one to get because it’s loaded with swag and great for any Grumpy cat or any cat lover for that.
The next package is called Grumpy cat’s catnip bag
Grumpy cat’s catnip bag
1.- Downloadable Bib
2.- Official World’s Grumpiest 5k Themed Medal
3.- Official World’s Grumpiest 5k Logo Sticker
This is also a great package for anyone who just wants that awesomely designed medal. There aren’t many 5Ks that give out medals and I’d say this one is pretty puurrrrfect.
The final package is probably my favorite because you can include your 4 legged furry friend with you in this virtual run! You can sign up your pet to run with you! I know that most of you already run with them anyway so why not give them a bib and a cool name tag to go with it?!?!
Photo from @runwithcharacter instagram page

While there is no deadline to complete the 5K virtual run, they will be mailing out the packages the first week of November. If you look on their site you’ll see some new and fun Raw Threads Grumpy cat gear. Perfect for training, running, or just showing your grumpy side. There are a few I like but these are my favorites!

Being that Halloween is my favorite holiday so duh! And I just love the other racer! They have many others you can check out here.

But I’d say the best part of this virtual run is that a portion of the race registrations will go to Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando! That means a lot to me because I’ve volunteered and been a voice for them. Not to mention that’s where we adopted Lyssa. My medical alert dog who saves me life daily. So PLEASE go and register for these races and help change lives for these poor animals who get surrendered to them. When you register for the race, you do have the option to make an additional donations.

Click here to learn more about Pet Alliance of Great Orlando
Lyssa the Doberman. My medical alert dog. She alerts me to seizures, migraines and headaches.

I want to see you ALL register for this event and see nothing but Grumpy cat medals flooding instagram, FB, and twitter! Tag me in everything! I want to see you all running for this wonderful cause and these animals deserve a second chance at life!

And guess what?!?! I have a discount code for you to use when you register! Use it at checkout: GC10GELCYS. It works with any of the virtual races. Woohoo!!!


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