Why I’m a PRO

I am sure you all are tired of hearing me talk or complain about everything I suffer through every day. But there are many reasons why I do it. Mainly to bring awareness to each of my diseases because they all are incurable. But I have one very painfully uncomfortable condition called Fiber Neuropathy. It’s a condition where there is damage to specific nerves causing lots of pain and weakness in hands, feet and other parts of your body. For me, it’s in my legs, feet, and hands.

Trying to function with this condition on top of the other conditions make it super tough. My legs get restless with pain and discomfort. Sitting, standing, nor laying down help ease the pain. It is a daily struggle and I hate it. BUT, I did find something that has helped make my day a bit easier. I still can’t walk some days and others I just lay in bed, but at the least the pain is at a level 6-7 rather than a 10.


PRO Compression socks are magical, I promise. These socks apply the right amount of compression at the right spots, thus increasing blood flow. With better blood flow, the blood reaches the soft tissue quicker and easier and reducing you the amount of recovery. So these compression socks speed up the process of the body’s self repair.

The PRO Compression socks and sleeves have a Graduated Compression design. The amount of compression strength decreases as the distance to the heart decreases. In a compression sock, for example, you’ll find less compression at the top of the sock than at the toe. In a pair of compression tights, there will be less compression around the waist than around the ankles. This forces the blood to move upward where there is more space. (found on procompression.com)

I am a big believer in these socks because they reduce my leg pains to a tolerable level. When my pain is out of control, it’s a different story, but on other days these babies work. I spend a lot of time in bed nowadays rolling all over the bed/couch trying to find comfort from everything I’m currently battling. But at least I can wear my PROs to make it a wee bit more simpler. Plus they have an array of color and pattern choices! They have a beautiful selection if you are into that kind of thing.

I am just super happy and grateful I find things that make my life easier to bear. Because with each new day, it’s only getting harder to function.

Click HERE to see more of their collection. These are just some of mine =)

Follow them over on Instagram for up to date info, latest socks, and newest sales and releases.




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