Arm it up

Suffering from multiple nerve conditions isn’t easy. it sucks, it’s painful, and it’s hard to find relief. It is something I struggle with daily. When I wake up, it is the pain I deal with the most. It is hard to describe it. The only people who understand it are the ones who also suffer from nerve conditions.

The pain feels like someone is lighting a match to my skin, it feels like I am getting stabbed, it feels like I am numb, any movement from my arms and legs send a jolt of electricity up and down my sides. All of this happens at once and this goes on for hours, sometimes the whole day, for weeks at a time. Working with doctors currently to determine what the cause, issue, and problem is.

But in the meantime I am making due and getting through it with strength, and PRO Compression. You can all read my review and how the compression socks help me HERE. The socks are incredibly helpful because there are days when I can’t walk and all I can do is lay in bed.

They recently released an all new compression arm sleeve which are magnificent! They used the same technology as their very popular sock to help the muscles and joints within your arms.

I like these sleeves because they give me just enough compression without feeling too tight, but just enough where it isn’t too loose. The ends don’t pinch or feel cramped. They are perfectly comfortable to wear under your shirts, or as sleeves. They have 3 colors, heather slate, white, and black. I ordered the heather slate ones because 90% of my wardrobe is grey and they would go great with any of that LOL

So far, I have worn them a lot and I will be ordering more, I recommend them to anyone with nerve conditions or issues with pain in your arms.

I am wearing the heather slate PRO Compression arm sleeves here.


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