More battles, more scars.

It’s always something right? Life is funny that way. If it isn’t it’s sense of humor, it’s its cruel humor. I was hospitalized for 3 days last week for having 2 to 3 seizures a day. They were draining me physically and mentally. I literally felt like I was running a marathon every 10 minutes. I think most of you know how hard that is.

So we found out that I have some scarring all over my brain from all the convulsions and stress. I didn’t even know that was possible. They did an MRA and checked on my blood vessels and found that. So not only do I have a massive scar on my back, but I have tons of scars on my brain. Not the news I wanted to hear and was surprised.

giphy (3)

I hated being in the hospital. I was exhausted and got no sleep. All I wanted to do was sleep and got little to none. It was test after test, and medication after medication. I was happy that Alpha came to see me EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. He was by my side from morning to night and I couldn’t appreciate him more than I already do. He is incredible, my hero.

At the hospital.

After I came home I thought I felt fine, still tired but much better than when I came in the hospital. I even went to MegaCon which probably wasn’t the wisest choice. I ended up getting sick there and my HR dropped dramatically and would spike like crazy. Overall I just wasn’t well so we left. But before it happened I had fun though LOL

Two Reys and a Leia ❤

Once home and recovered, the day before yesterday to be exact, I had ANOTHER seizure. WTH man! Seriously?!? Obviously I went to see my doctor and he diagnosed me with Status Epilepsy. Which is were one has a seizure lasting more than 5 minutes or 2 seizures within 5 minutes. I also suffer from tonic clonic seizures.

This time Lyssa the Doberman was RIGHT on point and Alpha decided to take photos to show me what she does. I posted it all on instagram. But she started with her seizure alert by laying on my legs, then since I have convulsions, she moved up to my arms and laid across my body so I wouldn’t get up. And finally she alerted me to a migraine which I usually get right after a seizure. She did phenomenal and I am UBER proud of my Lyssa.

I am coming out of the seizure at this point, but look at Lyssa hard at work by keeping me down and not letting me get up which I usually am all over the place during a seizure.

For now I just have to take care of myself and take things extra slow and be safe. But I know this is yet ANOTHER obstacle that I will overcome. Life definitely has tested me over and over again but I am ready for everything it throws at me. I am lucky to have the family and friends that I do. You all make sure I stay strong and ready for all my battles!





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