Running a race with anxiety during a pandemic

We are in October, during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. But it feels like we are in year 4 of the 2020 pandemic. It has been a whirlwind of a year. I am pretty sure all of us at one point or another have been affected by this Coronavirus. Yes, races have been cancelled, even some for next year have already been cancelled or switched over to virtual options.

I was holding onto my last race of the year… Track Shack’s OUC Half Marathon. Then last week they announced they got the green light to hold the race as a physical race. I was suddenly flooded with emotions. Excited, scared, nervous, and anxious.

A little backstory on this race…4 years ago I did this race with my husband. My mom was supposed to be there. She felt ill and ended up in the hospital. We spent most of her time there watching Star Wars. When she saw Princess Leia, she said, “She reminds me of you. She is strong and stubborn.” She ended up in a coma and she passed away the day after Christmas….So this year it will be a little different, a little more emotional. I have not ran it since. 

Problem with that is I have anxiety. I hate germs and my imaginations is very creative. So what I imagine germs, particles and bacteria do in the air isn’t fun. BUT, knowing that Track Shack is the one behind the OUC Half Marathon puts my anxiety at ease a little bit. Now they do have extra safety protocols in place that will make this race completely different than I’ve ever done in the past. And this race will go down in history for sure.


I know Track Shack puts everyone’s safety. But having anxiety, and running a race and not being able to have my usual routine at my disposal kind of freaks me out. 

Since I am a runner with several chronic conditions, I typically have my family and friends waiting throughout the course with anything I might need as an emergency. Not being able to have spectators, takes that out of the equation. I do run with my medication and hydration with me. But if I need anything extra, they are there. 


While they do have a virtual option, I trust that they will keep everyone’s health and safety as a priority. This race means a lot to me and I am excited to run it. I love running through the streets of Orlando. This race is fun and you get to run through the streets of the City Beautiful.

They also have the 16.2 mile Corcksicle Challenge which sounds pretty fun and challenging! You run the virtual 5K and the physical/virtual Half marathon.

Complete the 16.2 Mile Corkcicle Challenge and receive:

Photo from OUC Orlando Half Marathon Instagram

• A cool 16 oz Corkcicle Canteen 
• 16.2 Mile Corkcicle Challenge Bib Number
• 5k Tech Tee 
• 5k Finisher Medal
• 5k Finisher Certificate
• Half Marathon Long Sleeve Quarter Zip Shirt
• Half Marathon Finisher Medal
• Half Marathon Finisher Certificate

Click HERE to sign up or get more information about the race or challenge. Don’t waste time in signing up. It’s limited and this is a great race to do. Especially if you are looking for an actual race to do. This race has NEVER been crowded in the past so I don’t expect it to be crowded now. 


Track Shack OUC Half Marathon

Running with anxiety or any other issue makes running challenging. But if you stop, or stop doing something you love because your obstacles….you won’t achieve your goals and dreams. Don’t stop because you are afraid or because it seems impossible. 




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