If you want to beat the boss level, you need these to survive.

It’s time to share another one of my pain relieving secrets. This one is for my head. Since clearly my head is a major problem when it comes to chronic pain, I am constantly finding ways to make my life easier. I did so with Tifosi Optics. These are glasses I use for running. I pretty much have all of the Tifosi Swank line because in my search for running glasses, those were the most comfortable.

Now while I do wear them, pretty much anywhere the light is too bright, I also needed an option for when I am watching TV, gaming, or using the computer. Yes that’s right. I have been a gamer my whole life. Back since Atari! Oh my gosh, I just aged myself!


So I went back to Tifosioptics.com and searched the site because they have a whole section on their gaming side.

To make it easy….

Tifosi Gaming lenses

– They will Never pull on your hair

– They filter out the blue light

– Extremely light weight

– Help with dry eyes

– Will not distort colors on screen

– It has a no split fit

From tifosioptics.com/gaming

While Tifosi Optics has many different styles and MANY different colorways, you do have the option to make your own custom blue light blocking lenses which is what I did. I was very excited because the series I use to run in, is also in the gaming option! Swank me up baby! I was stuck between 2 different colors but I ended up with some loud colorways.


They are super lightweight and don’t bother my head. Which other glasses would induce a headache just from the pressure. They are equipped with shatterproof polycarbornate lenses and Enliven technology which filters out the harmful blue light and helps reduce eye strain. The integrated hinges will NEVER pull out your hair. I can attest to that because I have even fallen asleep in my glasses and nothing. It also carries the same nose grips as the running glasses so they won’t slip or move. They will sit comfortably on your nose. The Swank line as well as their other gaming glasses will help with not just eye strain but fatigue as well since some spend multiple hours staring at some kind of screen throughout the days.


When I get a headache or migraine attack I can make it more comfortable by wearing my customized Swank glasses. Or when I already have an attack, these blue light blocking lenses help ease the intensity in the colors. I use them for gaming, TV, and the computer. It has made all of those activities a bit easier to enjoy, because it’s hard to appreciate anything when the pain is there….nagging…yelling…louder than the TV. So these Tifosi Swank glasses make it more pleasant. Especially when I am trying to beat someone at Mario Kart and need to put in some time to practice.





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