Shwae of life

It is Summer and the sun it out and shinning bright. Supper annoying to try and run in this triple digit heat. But even worse when the sun in blazing you in your eyes. I am pretty sure you have a pair of sunglasses you run in or use when you are out and about already. Here is a different Shwae of life. Tifosi makes … Continue reading Shwae of life

Are you SWICK or SMOOVE?

Swick or Smoove? What is that exactly? Kind of sounds like something futuristic huh? Well they certainly do look like it! They are the newest additions to¬†Tifosi Optics¬†running collection. They are two unique styles with many colors to choose from. I have been running in Tifosi Swank sunglasses for a VERY long time now. They are the most incredible and most comfortable sunglasses I have … Continue reading Are you SWICK or SMOOVE?