Are you SWICK or SMOOVE?

Swick or Smoove? What is that exactly? Kind of sounds like something futuristic huh? Well they certainly do look like it! They are the newest additions to Tifosi Optics running collection. They are two unique styles with many colors to choose from.

I have been running in Tifosi Swank sunglasses for a VERY long time now. They are the most incredible and most comfortable sunglasses I have EVER run in! First off, I have gone through a lot of different sunglasses to find the right pair and I did!


These sunglasses are PERFECT for me running out here in the sunshine state. This shades have glare guard, no-slip grip, SUPER light, scratch resistant, shatterproof, and UV protection just to name a few of the features on their sunglasses. I have many of the Swank color options because matchy matchy of course, so if you are like that too..don’t worry. They’ve got you covered.

Swank Satin Black Neon Smoke sunglasses

Now, let me introduce you to the Swick and to the Smoove which I’ve yet to try but dying to! Let me start off with the Smoove. First, the color options on these babies are just incredible and well put together. They are different from the Swank. The color designs, and the sides are a bit thicker and straight at the ear.

Click HERE to see the Smoove collection

And then there is the Swick collection. These are definitely different. The lens are more of a square shape but have all the features as the Swank and Swick. The rubber nose grip, the UV lens, lightweight, shatterproof, scratch resistant. And let me add that they have different size fits and you can also have the lens prescription as well. Again, the color combos in the Swick collection are pretty wicked! I am more of a round framed sunglasses but I am digging the Swick collection.

Click HERE to see the Swick collection

TIFOSI OPTICS  is an outstanding company. You know that I have brain disease and I must run with both a hat and sunglasses. But if I can’t do both then at least sunglasses. I have a pair of Tifosis in my car, in my running bag, my husband’s car, and by my treadmill because sometimes I have to run indoors with sunglasses. The one thing that stands out the most with Tifosi sunglasses is that the lens doesn’t give you that weird effect the others do. It makes you feel like you aren’t wearing sunglasses at all. They are super comfortable and don’t pinch your nose or cause a headache which was SUPER important to me.

I don’t even go out walking Lyssa without my Tifosis! They do their job and what it says on their site, is EXACTLY what they do. You know that Orlando is hot, humid and sticky 24/7 and of course the occasional storm. So you’d think that the glasses shift, move, slide, but NOPE! Nothing! They stay right in place and they are so light they never leave a mark. Go check them out and give them a follow on INSTAGRAM. You can see what others do and options they have for triathletes and golfers and such!







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