Shwae of life

It is Summer and the sun it out and shinning bright. Supper annoying to try and run in this triple digit heat. But even worse when the sun in blazing you in your eyes. I am pretty sure you have a pair of sunglasses you run in or use when you are out and about already. Here is a different Shwae of life.

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Tifosi makes an array of sunglasses. For cyclists, runners, outdoors, you name it. I have sooo many of their SWANK collection. I have used them for daily use, running, during marathons, halfs, everything. They don’t slip, don’t bounce, and don’t budge. They are PERFECT. And being that I have to wear sunglasses, even when it’s raining, I have tried many different brands. When I found Tifosi, it was just what I needed. They don’t pinch and don’t squeeze my head either.

They just released a new design to the SWANK family called SHWAE. They are aviator style sunglasses. But these are the ones you need! Why? Because these are different than the other ones. They have the nose pad that doesn’t tangle up your hair! And of course it doesn’t slip! Making sure the sunglasses stay put. Aviators are a classic pair of sunglasses and these are the ones to get because they are light, come in various color combinations, and are affordable. All the sunglasses are backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects. They are polycarbonate, teardrop shaped lens is shatterproof and provides 100% UV protection.

These have probably become my favorite pair now. I am happy I can run in them and hang out in them and use them for every activity. They are super comfortable and I LOVE them! Go check them out before they sell out!

I love the fact that I can quickly put them in yop of my head and the nose piece doesn’t get all tangled up in my hair! Aviators are ine of my favorite sunglasses but they always got tangled up. Now with these Shwae I don’t have to worry about that! These are the best and I have nothing to complain about.






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