Running to catch the FIGMENT of my imagination.

It has been a long, long while since I have done a challenge race. I think the last one was when runDisney held the Star Wars races, which I greatly miss. But if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you right?

Have you heard of Figment? The Figment of imagination from Epcot at Walt Disney World? A quick Disnerd history lesson…there was a man with a blue suit, top hat, and red beard. We know him as Dreamfinder. He went around his little dream mobile looking for dreams. Short story….Figment was born. A purple dragon with little wings and horns, wearing a yellow sweater that said “Figment” on it. You can’t think of them without the song written by The Sherman Brothers popping into your head, “One Little Spark.”

Click here to watch the original Journey into Imagination. (not filmed by me)

OK! Enough history. But I did grow up with that fabulous purple dragon that I LOVE and because of that I have signed up for my next big challenge! I am doing the runDisney Wine and Dine Two-Course Challenge! WOOHOO! It includes an enchanting adventure with Belle, Lumiere, and other guest for a 10K course. We are invited to take a seat en la mesa de la casa Madrigal and take on the Encato theme half marathon. At this point, we have let our imagination run for 19.3 miles and we can enjoy the fun at Figment’s upside-down kitchen and earn the two-course challenge medal.

“A dream, can be, a dream come true. With just a spark, from me and you.”-Figment

There also is a 5K race which is themed Alice, the Mad Hatter, and others from Wonderland. How am I supposed to sit that one out? I also had to sign up for that one too.

Now it’s time to figure out what is going on with my head. Yes again….So I had the surgery in November, I am running and trying to get up in distance, but I am struggling to. The neurosurgeon says I am doing just fine and the recovery is going perfectly. He couldn’t ask for a better placement of the leads. He does these surgeries ALL the time. But man oh man has my recovery been long and tough!!

I always figure things out but this journey has been more than challenging. I thought that by now I would’ve been well into at least a 10K distance but I have only made it to 4 miles at a time. This race series isn’t until November, but we all know how quickly time creeps up. Here’s to improving my strength, distance, and endurance!





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