RUN the states

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!! Time for fireworks and fun! But there is also something that is kicking off today….and it’s pretty big… Do YOU like a challenge? You know my answer to that. I’ve been going strong in my current Run the year challenge. But in my true, “go big or go home” MO I decided to add another Run The Edge challenge. But this one is a big … Continue reading RUN the states

Go ahead. Hug a runner.

Today is Hug a runner day! Today’s celebration was starting by the masterminds behind Run The Edge. It has turned into a global holiday for all runners. This year’s event is a little different being there is a virtual race where all proceeds from registration, go to Girls on the run. There are many ways to participate inn today’s Hug a runner day. You can send hugs, … Continue reading Go ahead. Hug a runner.