Hug a runner day is here!

Being a part of a global event like G.O. H.A.R.D. has truly been an awesome experience! I have met many great people along the way. This is an event you don’t want to miss! A few of the pages on Facebook are holding some local event that you might want to check out!


There is still time to get your G.O. H.A.R.D t-shirts for the event! But you should order them ASAP to make sure you have them for the big day on November 20th! Here are some runners sporting their t-shirts:


O and PS, if you order your shirt today or tomorrow, you will also receive a free gone running sign from


Please join us in the biggest running event ever! Follow Run the Edge on FB for the local event they are creating. Tons of ways to show your support! Don’t forget to take pictures, and pass the hugs on! The running community is very united and supportive. We don’t compete against each other or knock others down, we are always there to lend a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, or some words of motivation. This is the best way to show runners across the globe how we do it! RUNNERS ARE HUGGERS!!! It is the most powerful form of appreciation, love, and support! Many of us know how much it means to us to get a big hug from anyone once we cross that finish line. It is a universal sign of affection! Let’s get ready to celebrate it on November, 20th!

Just in case you aren’t sure or clear on the hugging rules, the wonderfully talented guys over at Run the Edge have made the perfect video to explain on how to properly hug someone.

We are going to continue to do giveaways EVERYDAY until the big hug-fest so make sure to head on over to the pages on FB listed above and give us a like! We will all be giving away something different each day so make sure to stick around!



5 responses to “Hug a runner day is here!”

  1. Chocolate Covered Race Medals Avatar

    Love Kara! And love the sounds of this event!

    1. runner unleashed Avatar
      runner unleashed

      I love her too! She motivates me =)

  2. Lupita Sepulveda Avatar

    I am trying to buy the shirt but its asking for a discount code; is there one???

    1. runner unleashed Avatar
      runner unleashed

      No Lupita no code. Just purchase

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