Go ahead. Hug a runner.

Today is Hug a runner day! Today’s celebration was starting by the masterminds behind Run The Edge. It has turned into a global holiday for all runners. This year’s event is a little different being there is a virtual race where all proceeds from registration, go to Girls on the run.


There are many ways to participate inn today’s Hug a runner day. You can send hugs, register for the virtual race ($5.95), join the facebook group, tell your friends and go hug runners worldwide!

Just make sure to follow this step by step video on how to properly hug a runner:

To get more information on everything Hug a Runner Day, head over to Run The Edge for up to date info.

Want to send a virtual hug to your far away runners?

Click here to join the global hug!
Click here to join the global hug!

Why celebrate Hug a Runner Day? Simple. A hug is loaded with power in more ways than one. Besides being good for your health(natural stress reliever) it’s a GREAT way to show your favorite runner support.

Click here to send a hug
Click here to send a hug

All details, hugs, and even tips are over at http://www.hugarunner.com. It’s not too late to take part. Join the virtual race and get yourself the t-shirt/medal!

Click here to see the Hug A Runner Day swag!
Click here to see the Hug A Runner Day swag!

I have already completed my run in celebration, looking forward to hugging my favorite runner later


“Go ahead. Hug a runner.” Funny videos from Run The Edge

Make sure you do a proper hug, and maybe give someone a warning that you are hugging them and not running at them to attack 😉


-cheetah g


2 responses to “Go ahead. Hug a runner.”

  1. Karen Avatar

    I went for a run tonight, but no hugs! The video is pretty funny 🙂

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