I dedicate this run to BOSTON

This is two days after the horrible tragedy that happened in Boston. If you not aware by now, there were a series of bombs that went off in Boston at the Marathon finish line killing 3 people and injuring over a hundred. There was a world-wide effort to honor those affected. There was an announcement made that members of the running community can honor the victims by running with a past race shirt and if possible “honor Boston” bib.

I wore this past race shirt with the bib I printed off line


As far as the latest update on the incident that happened on Monday, reports have been conflicting. CNN has reported first that they had a suspect in custody, but later confirmed there was no suspect yet. There has only been a video with a person of interest. In addition, a federal law enforcement source told CNN that “anyone who says ‘arrest’ is ahead of themselves.” At this point I don’t know what, or who to believe. What I DO believe is that they are closer to finding who was behind this cruel attack.



What I have also noticed is the unity within the running community. There has been a tremendous amount of support from runners all over the world! Runners took the streets yesterday and today, to honor Boston. There has been a massive amount of people helping, and trying to help Boston at this time. Thousands of marathoners were not able to finish their Boston Marathon due to the bombs going off. No one was allowed to the blasts sight. Even yesterday you had many runners roaming the streets with nowhere to go because they could not go to their hotels. Today they have started to give the medals to those who didn’t receive them along with their belongings that were left behind.





It is not an easy task to try and break a runners spirit. It takes a lot for walls to collapse. This has only brought us more united and more together as a community. And together we stand, as one team.

In the running community, a few different ways to honor Boston was started on Facebook. Including wearing a past race shirt and  the Boston bib. There was also a way to help with the Red Cross. Also shirts are being made and proceeds are going 100% to Boston(once I have more info I will post). Several thousands of runners took to the streets in honor of those damaged by the tragedy. My husband and I took to the streets as well yesterday to run for Boston, we wore our shirts and bibs. Our first mile is along the street before we reach the running trail. We received several thumbs up, head nods, and thank yous from drivers, fellow runners, and people out that read our shirts/bibs. We ran the 4.09 miles I said we were going to run in honor of Boston. We ran it in total silence, I couldn’t think of anything else but Boston. I was and still am heart-broken and deeply affected by this catastrophe. I would get a knot in my throat and weep a little as I thought of all the lives that will change.




I have been personally affected by this as I had many friends running the marathon, luckily they are all safe. I was not being myself. I was very down and wanted to help. So I created on my Facebook page Runner Unleashed an attempt to create a personal way to honor Boston in my own way. I am grateful to say, there was an enormous amount of people on my page that honored along with me. They are all a part of the running community and made me feel better by having their support. They all took time to run the miles with bib and shirts. They posted tons of pictures on my page you can check out but here are some of the most supportive people in the running community that I am PROUD to say I am a part of:

Runners who ran in honor of Boston
Runners who ran in honor of Boston


A few more of runners supporting Boston
A few more of runners supporting Boston



In the pictures above, it is just a few that showed their support!! My Alpha, these runners above, and followers on my Facebook page, you have help me overcome the aching that is in my heart. THANK YOU fellow runners for hanging along with me and showing the support needed. Runners show an amazing amount of support for one another, we have an understanding like no other. We don’t even have to meet or be best friends to help one another out. Runners are a strong bunch of people who let nothing stop them!!!! Keep it up followers!!! Let’s continue to shine bright for all to see!!!!!


I ran 4.09 miles in honor of Boston with my husband
I ran 4.09 miles in honor of Boston with my husband





2 responses to “I dedicate this run to BOSTON”

  1. Rebecca Avatar

    I love this and am honored to have my picture be apart of this blog! ❤

    1. runner unleashed Avatar
      runner unleashed

      Thank you for your support!

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