Run for your lives 5K!!

I am so happy and so proud to share this announcement with you all!! Run for your lives, the original zombie 5K, has invited me to be a brand ambassador on their Zombie Preparedness Team!!! YAY! How awesome is that?!?! Most of you may not know this but I am a horror/zombie fanatic, so I am in heaven having my two worlds come together!!!

Now I get to share this will all of you!! First, I will talk about the original zombie 5K and how awesome it is. Then I will talk about tips on how to avoids zombies and outrun them. Being chased by zombies?!?!? WHAT!! Who wouldn’t enjoy it??


The original zombie 5K is a series of man-made and natural obstacles that will be challenging, but not impossible. The obstacles will test your strength, speed and the cooperation between you and your fellow hopeful survivors. The best way to enjoy and run this race is by doing it with a team! What a better way to survive zombie than by having a great group of allies?? You will have flags tied to your waist and which zombies will try to take them! That is your health life! Go through the obstacles and dodge the zombies waiting to eat your brains!! Make it to finish line “safe zone” with at least one flag and you will a “survivor”

The run for your lives race travels all over the US. You can check out their website to check and see when they will be in your area. You get tons of cools things when you register! Including a t-shirt,medal, free entrance to apocalypse party and a free beer! This is a totally cool race and everyone should experience it!!!


Get your friends, make a team! Work together and dress up!!! It will only bring  forever great fun memories!!


So with that being said you can receive a discount through me. Since I am a Zombie Preparedness Team Ambassador, I have a code that you can use to register! The more friends you get and the bigger your team is the better is it! I will post the code here as well as on my blog, FB, and twitter! Make sure you are following me to get new information and possible giveaways?!?!? Who knows!! You gotta stick around for the zombie apocalypse to find out!!

Use this code to receive a discount at registration
Use this code to receive a discount at registration



Stop by at for all the information, and a lot of more great stuff!

-cheetah g




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