The OUC Orlando Half Marathon

As you know, I am currently training for my first full marathon that is in 45 days! AAHHH! Training is going well, not at the distance that I would want to be at but getting there. I am finding my rhythm so I am happy. Within the last week, I received a call letting me know I was chosen to be sponsored for a local race!


I was super excited and couldn’t believe it! I am happy and proud to say that I am part of the Florida Dairy Farmers Milk Refuel Team! What makes it even better? They also picked Alpha to be a part of the team and we will be running a distance I wanted to tackle again…The OUC Orlando Half Marathon! This will only be my 2nd half, but also my 2nd half in the same year! I never thought I could say that!

refuelteamThe only thing is, that its in exactly 2 weeks!?!? Problem with that is, I’m barely hitting high mileage now but I know I can do it and it will help my training for the marathon. The OUC Orlando Half Marathon goes through the scenic streets of Downtown Orlando and Lake Eola! We will run past many of Orlando’s beauties! The great thing about Central Florida is that is has many lakes and trails which I greatly appreciate. Having a race a long side or around a lake makes it more peaceful and puts me in a relaxed calm state. Click here for the course map

We get some bling  and a tech tee of course, once completing the race, some chocolate milk, 2 beer vouchers(which I will probably hand off, I don’t drink) some refreshments from Publix and more!

Lake Eola at night
Lake Eola at night

Being part of the Florida Dairy Farmers Refuel team is pretty neat. They are also one of the sponsors of the race among other great ones, who will be giving out chocolate milk to those finishing the race. Do you know why drinking chocolate milk post race is beneficial?

refuel-chocolate-milk-nvl-east-coast-c-93I recently found out that studies show that chocolate milk is the best recovery drink post run. Why? Compared to water, plain milk, or even sports drinks, chocolate milk has DOUBLE the protein and carbohydrates. It makes it perfect to aid those sore, hard-working muscles! It has a high water content which helps with hydration, and the sugar and sodium to replenish your energy levels. Not to mention the calcium and vitamin D its packed with. Drinking a glass of chocolate milk post run about 30 minutes after is optimal for recovery of your muscles.


I found this out a while ago, as when I was training for my first half marathon, I starting drinking chocolate milk as my recovery drink. And recently going to healthy clinic that my FAVORITE store Track Shack offers, it was confirmed that chocolate milk is very beneficial as a post run recovery drink.


Another thing I am excited about this race is that Track Shack is hosting it!!! Track Shack has been my go to place for anything running. Like I written before, it has knowledgeable employees ready to help you run safe and efficiently. Which of course my Shoe Doctor, aka Andres is there! They also do health information clinics and hold Good Form Running Clinics and help you have proper running form. I go to almost anything they do. I am a big fan of Track Shack, and I feel honored to be sponsored to run another Track Shack series race.

Stayed tuned for my OUC Half Marathon race recap after I run it December 7, 2013! Please cheer for me!!!


-cheetah g




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