National Running Day with Track Shack

So National Running Day is coming to an end but, we make use of it! We spent most of the day…RUNNING! In the morning, Alpha and I hit up the park that is near our house. We ran a bit and got too hot so we went on the trails to take advantage of the shades the trees were so generously offering.


Running makes me happy!
Running makes me happy!


Afterwards, we met up with our friends at Track Shack and boy there was a HUGE turn out! So glad to meet up with all our friends who we don’t get to see every day. It was great to see you Shannon =)

photo credit: Track Shack
photo credit: Track Shack

It definitely was a lot of fun. Since the group was so large, they did a corral like start off. My friends took off in the 7 minutes group and I went shortly after with the 9 to 10 minutes group. The running community is incredible. I kept up with the group, leading the back end. It was brutally hot today, and SUPER dry. Alpha and I made a deal that we would tag each other half way so someone could run with our little runner.

I was getting tired and hot on my return from the loop. I stopped to walk after I kept a 9:05 pace. A fellow runner walked by me and cheered me to kept running so we both took off. Then I suddenly look up, and saw Alpha with little man. They made it further than I thought! I was so proud of him. So we switched and Alpha ran the rest of the way….




Little man and I then met up with Alpha to run the rest of miles together and I kid you not…I had trouble keeping up with him. I kept yelling at him to fall back to run with us but he couldn’t hear me! Once I got close enough, I looked down at my watch and realized he was running at an 8:55 pace! No wonder I struggled to keep up! It was awesome though because he had a lot of fun running with everyone. We are super proud of him! Looks like he got his speed from his daddy!


All in was the perfect way to celebrate National Running Day! Come run with us at Track Shack next year. And BTW, they also do a free weekly run every Wednesday night at 6:30 pm. We go when we can and it’s a great way to run with friends.

Hope you all enjoyed your National Running Day! I have enjoyed looking at all photos and how you’ve been celebrating this day =)



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